LSOF: In the Arms of the Holy Spirit

Something more needed to be said to answer a question about the Holy Spirit.
And so there was a devotional, to check the health of out EXPECTANCY of desiring to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Tonight, I wanted to recreate the moment of where it was just Jesus and I, and praise music echoing from everything in the room….

This friends question posed one to my heart. I know how to experience the Holy Spirit’s presence, but maybe lately I have taken it for granted, PRIDE exists even in trying to PRAISE, How crazy is that.

So I write now with the song, ” Blessed” By: Racheal Lampa playing. Reminding me how little am I, and How BIG God is…

I feel the presence of the Spirit…I had pictured Jesus sitting in our secret place by the ocean, and I opened my eyes for a moment and reached out my arms, and brought them close and closed my eyes again, by the power of the Spirit, I can almost feel Jesus HOLDING me!

To experience the Spirit, is to be awakened by the faith you have, to pretend that the rest of the world does not exist for the moment, for the moment just to feel that the only thing left to do is PRAY and PRAISE…and kneel with your heart, mind, and soul to the feet of JESUS!

Now I am listening to Avalon’s ” Orphans of God”, and my soul is just getting a good feeding…

I recorded my experience with the Holy Spirit for you, now take a moment of your own, and just be with God, just picture Him at a place in your mind that brings you joy, and peace.

In my experiences, I had been listening to a song by RSJames, ” Peace” and the very verse it was based on I opened to sitting on a swing.

I have been in the room asking God to show me what I could do to help my situation, to let me know He was there, and I opened right up to Psalm 5, ” Give ear to my words O Lord, Listen to my cry for help, in the morning I cry out to you Lord, and wait in expectation.”

I have been in church and have heard words go through my heart, ” Think not of death, but more of life, but I want you to know its not over yet.”

I could just count countless times God just showed himself…

I will pray dear one, that you seek God on this, and ask for His Spirit to enter your soul and make His presence known!

Be Blessed:-)

One thought on “HOLY SPIRIT EXPERIENCES 101 :-)

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for responding so quickly and for your willingness to help. Until Beth’s blog, I have never left a “comment” anywhere in my life! I am starting to feel like a pro!!

    Thank you for opening up your life and sharing your experiences with me. As I think back over my history with God, I have had many experiences that are unique and special. However, to experience His presence regularly, I just don’t.

    But after reading your post, several things really stood out to me, like: how you are seeking, expecting, visualizing as well as the posture of your heart. I plan on putting those things into practice.

    I have to admit that I gotten very lazy about just spending time praising Him. Oh, I pray, giving my requests, confessing, etc… I have just forgotten how wonderful praise time can be. My prayer time had gotten to be all about ME and my little world. ugghh…

    Thanks again for helping me get back on track. I will be stopping by soon. You have a lot of wonderful things to say. I am inspired…

    Have a great day!

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