By: Angie Sarich

This story I wrote awhile back, a good 4 years ago, and recently the Lord let me know that I was to add to it; I think it will be a little girl who finds the story and reads it aloud and at the end of the story, she becomes saved. I think it is important to try to picture what it was like at that time to know Jesus, before now. I mean think of your very best friend, and picture them sacrificing everything for not just you, but everyone some you know, others you don’t. We are to be child-like before our Lord, and setting the story through a child’s eyes through her first 13 years of her life, and her growing up with Jesus I think is the best way to go. I mean how awesome could it have been to know Jesus then! I hope you enjoy the story. it’s written for a child to understand.

by Angela Sarich…………………………………..
There was a girl who lived long ago during the time of Jesus She was a very good friend of his And she wasn’t very beautiful Her name meant ” Extreme embarresment” As that was what people thought of her She was different from all those she knew Because, she was born with two different sides to her body. One side showed sadness The other showed joy. Jesus and Chagrin were friends since she was born. And as she got older her face looked more deformed And she was ridiculed by people for it But Jesus told her she was as beautiful as a the brightest star And that would never change. One day, Chagrin was looking at her reflection in the stream And began to cry. Jesus asked her what was wrong. She answered ” I want to know why you think I’m beautiful, when I can’t even stand my own reflection.” Jesus answered “Your appearance represents what the world fears.” Chagrin asked ” What do you mean the world?” Jesus smiled at her and said ” You are beautiful, because you on the outside show honesty as well as the inside.” He went on to say ” The world is afraid of showing others how they feel, and you aren’t afraid.” Chagrin frowned. ” But I look horrible.” Jesus gave her a hug ” Chagrin, you are a beautiful person, and you need to see that you have more courage than the world ever would, because you walk the streets, showing who you are.” A couple days later, while Chagrin was picking flowers for her friend, a crowd of people entered the vilage, and awoke Jesus from his bed. Chagrin arrived later to find jesus not in his house. An angel was sitting on his bed. Chagrin asked where he was The angel spoke ” Sometimes Chagrin, the world has trouble seeing what is precious and beautiful, they don’t believe it could be real.” and went on to say Jesus was that kind of beauty, and the world feared it. Chagrin began to cry ” Where is he?” The angel answered ” He was taken to the cell down the road. You must hurry.” Chagrin met him at the cell. He smiled through his tears. rubbing the scars on his back. ” What happened to you?” Jesus managed to speak. ” Chagrin, you must listen to me, I have to go soon, I can no longer live, or the world will die.” She became frightened. ” What are you saying you can’t die!” Jesus became quiet than said ” Chagrin, I am the son of God. You must listen. I have to die so the world will be forgiven of their sins, I know you don’t understand, but just trust me.” She became very speechless and in tears. ” This world doesn’t care about you, why should you die for them.” Jesus looked at her, and came towards her to hold her hand. ” That is what I love about you, your honesty. Go now Chagrin, and tell others about me after I die, so that they will be saved.” Chagrin didn’t understand, but left anyway, and a couple nights later, she saw a crowd of people shouting and looked outside to see her friend being crucified. The angel appeared again. ” Chagrin, the Lord God, has given a message for me to give to you. Your name will no longer be Chagrin, but Honesty, because it fits you.” The angel held her as she cried on her shoulder. and that night Chagrin went down the hill to lean against the cross. and she prayed. ” Oh Lord, I don’t understand, why your son was taken so that others might live, and I probably never will, but as I promised I would I want to pray for those that don’t know you, so that something like this will never happen again. You are a gracious God, and your son was a good friend of mine, and I won’t leave his side.” When she opened her eyes after prayer, she saw that Jesus was no longer on the cross. The Lord had taken him to heaven. The angel was left at her side ” He is gone to a better place, you must not be scared. He will come again.” Everyday after that, Chagrin went to the water side to stare at her appearance. And on one day, her appearance became two. She looked around, but saw no one, but in the water, next to her she saw Jesus smiling back at her. And The Lord spoke to her from above ” See you are beautiful.” Chagrin decided she would follow what Jesus asked of her And she started a church, where others followed And no one said anything about her appearance ever again. The End.

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