LSOF: Rememberance


I would say its been quite awhile since this girl has had to time to write anything, not to mention that my computer was a marking territory apparently from one of my cats. GROSS!!!!

I wanted to share some thoughts, I will probably jump around a bit, but bare with me.

I was driving to work today, and on the fence of this house I ride by everday this person used to put things about USA, and supporting troops, things of that nature.

They used to make it all from scratch, and it was something that you might go by and hardly notice most days.

But today, I saw that it looked like after a few years of the fence being bare, that a new project was being born, and I don’t know for sure, but I will say it brought a smile to my face.

I have no idea what beliefs that person may have, but I can tell you that I was blessed everytime I saw it, without realizing it, until it was gone for a long while.

I think in a way, it made me think of my own life.

I know what I stand for, I know what my beliefs are, but other things like career, and people, and anything to do with numbers, I can tell you I have issues with.

I just said to myself the other day after seeing this bare fence, ” Ang, what are you going to be remembered for?”

I mean I am a writer, and I have other talents, and gifts, but when it comes down to it, really what will I have done in my life that will have left a mark?

I evaluated this to death lol.

I am working at a pawn shop, and it is for commission, and I do pretty well at it, but it occured to me the other day, ” Is this really what you need to be doing with your life NOW?”

Life is short, it REALLY is and not just your life in general but things in your life, they do come in seasons, if you ever listened to Nichole Nordemans ” Every Season” you will know that is the truth.

You have to know that just because you are at a certain age now, and feel like you can just ” LIVE” going through the motions, that it won’t really get you that far, because 7 yrs can go by like myself, before you realize that time is gone, and you can’t get it back.

Okay, I am 26yrs old, but you really have to pay attention, close attention to everything, people in your life that you don’t get to know, you may never know, but you may have been given the chance, and you blew it because you focused on how miserable of a day you are having. or whatever.

People will come and go, but they don’t always have to, sometimes we cause our own faults, and can’t even see it.

Let me stress that you really, really need to stop, breathe and think before you choose your words, because WORDS do hurt. It’s not what you say, its how you say it. I’m SERIOUS!

And as far as you go, have confidence in yourself day in and day out, focus on what you can do daily, instead of what you can’t get to….no matter what position or age you are.

Time doesn’t exist with God, so why do we feel like we are obligated to be miserable until a task is complete, or an expectation is met?

Oh my goodness! I did not expect to go on so long, but I will just end in saying to just be you, and BE true to yourself, and everything you believe in, and don’t for one second compromise it!

In His Love,

” In the stillness of the moment,
something cries out of the darkness,
the direction is inward.” – A. Sarich, ” Sudden Desperation”

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