LSOF: Takes faith to have faith

” Takes faith, to have faith.”

I have to tell you I am doing a Beth Moore bible study, that I have been trying to finish the last two years. I made a commitment to finish it this summer.

” Believing God”- and the title of this devotional is what I learned so far.

I don’t know where you are, or where you came from; but I do know that without faith we don’t have any point in really trying to press in to living life.
I think of it like this; we are stripped of our dignity, when someone discourages our faith.

Everyone wants to put in their own opinion of what faith is, and what it is about.
But the only one that stands true is verse Hebrews 11:1. And you will find it at the top of this devotional site.

When I was young, my mother wrote out on piece of paper steps of life. She had me first as baby learning to crawl, walk, and talk for the first time. She went on through going to school to all the way to college. Interesting enough, I think I was five years old when she wrote this up for me.

Life takes steps, faith takes steps…I hope that is clear.

I’ll be honest in telling you that I have a hard time rememebering that too.

God put on my heart to start the devotionals, and to call it LSOF ministries, other wise known, Little Steps Of Faith Ministries.

For right now, I am the only one apart of the ministry, and that is fine with me.

The devotionals are to bring God glory, and not to myself.

I want for a moment to think of a person in your life. Whether it is a friend, or family member, and think of a way you can encourage them, pray about a need they have in their life, or just pray for God to reveal what lies on their heart. Though you may not always get an answer, it doesn’t mean God didn’t move.

I was feeling pretty disconnected from the world I guess for a couple weeks, and it started pulling me away from everything I really loved. Because I was allowing myself to actually physically be disconnected.

I am seeing at this moment a phoneline, and how the phone works, I am sure you know is it is about incoming and outgoing calling. Some of us have little fancy ringtones that let us know who it is.
I was thinking like this; I think in someways faith is like the way we use the phone.

We can have so many beliefs of what faith actually is, or what others tell us faith is, that when God is actually the one that is speaking, we don’t even know it!

See for me, I don’t want to be caught in listening to the voice of the enemy, so I shut off from listening to anyone.

When silence sets in though, it can be heartbreaking.

I knew how I was feeling, but never told anyone that I should have. Therefore, the enemy got into my mind anyways, and I kept getting further and further away.

Satan works in the silence.

God brought to my mind that ” Be still and know I am God”, didn’t just mean to be at peace and pray, I think He may be also saying, ” Know it is MY voice, “

It’s so easy to just say, ” I believe God will do this.,” but its more to say, ” I know I believe God will do this.” It’s almost like looking at God, saying that, instead of whispering it from miles away.

People that know me. Know I have had rough times. But I never really let myself stop believing that their would be light at some point.

I live because of faith, therefore, I have faith.

It upsets me sometimes when I hear people say, ” Well, God has never given me a reason to believe in Him.”

WHY! why do you need a reason to believe? Why do you believe there isn’t a reason that isnt’ the obvious….you are living and breathing.

I made the mistake of letting people tell me how awful God has been in their life, and let them joke in front of me. I should have spoke up, but I just let them say what they said. It’s not my fight.

But I do have one. My fight is for my faith, and in the ring is me and God, and our opponent is Satan and the world.

He will try to knock us down, and He does many times, but God is not shaken. It isn’t possible for Satan to mess with him, I believe Satan has to have God’s permission to even speak!

So when I am down and out, and the world is sitting on top of me, I know in the fight at the end of this life, will be a triumph. And I also know there are many victories ahead.

I may not be where I want to be, but I am where God wants me.
I may not be who I want to be, but I am who God wants me to be.

Later on, I know the two will finally come together. God is just and right, and I am a grain of sand on the beach.

Faith is what it is about.

Be Blessed:)


One thought on “LSOF: Takes faith to have faith

  1. Love this post!! I just found you over at Beth Moore’s blog. I am working on the Believing God study also. In fact, Leigh over at Speaking Thru Me ( is doing it with some ladies at her house every Thursday night. On Friday’s she posts on her blog about their precious time together. And for those of us that are not able to be there with her, we post on our blog or in her comments about what we are learning about Believing in God. Feel free to join in 🙂

    Hope you are having a blessed day!

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