LSOF: Meant 4 more

LSOF: Meant 4 more
My friends, I have to just get this off my chest, because I feel so strongly about it, after all God has shown me personally…you are meant for more!

I have a dear friend I was speaking with tonight, and she is a phenomenal singer and writer. She has very low self-esteem though, and that doesn’t help her show the world the gifts God has given her.

I have actually considered signing her up for ” American Idol” secretly, because I just want her to know the talent she has.

One thing God has taught me though, is just as people can’t help you lead your own life, you can’t very well do the same for others.

I mean sure, you can direct them in the right direction, but the thing is if God wanted us to lead life while wearing another person’s shoes, then I think He would have made us all siamese twins.

We are made different for a reason. Just as the disciples were. We all have different personalities to be used at different times of life. Basically, we all will have our time to shine.

What I want to say to you is that God is an awesome God, and we can do all things because of Him. As long as we let Him lead our life.

I am in waiting mode myself, because I was let go of my job earlier than I expected, but I am not going to allow the Enemy to destroy the hope I have that God has something big planned for my life at some point.
And if the events didn’t go down as they did, I would have never gotten to the place He wanted me to be.

I mean we all are given gifts from God to be used for His purposes of His glory, but something I also realized was when we don’t use the gifts, or we don’t use them wisely, that only heartache will come to our lives.
We become just a waste of space, in our minds.

My friend has gone through mental hospital after mental hospital. Sometimes I just feel like I need to shake some sense into her. The truth is though, only God can really get inside a person and make them see what they need to.

It brings me to the story of the blindman, and how he was seen as a beggar on the street. People would mock and make fun of him. One day Jesus came into his life, and took his blindness away, and even though the blind man didn’t see it was Jesus that gave him his sight, he knew who Jesus was.

God can’t bring us out of our misery and suffering until we admit we need His help, and we can’t accomplish anything in this life, without trusting Him.

Truth hurts. I have my own past of codepency, where I always thought I needed to be there for everyonelse. It was a gift, of mercy, and I know that is a strong gift, but I also know that it is to be used in moderation.

I can’t be there for everyone, its not physically possible, that is where God comes in. I can’t be God for others, and they can’t be God for me.

I encouraged my friend that God does have a big plan for her, and that she will continue to feel empty and worthless if she doesn’t step out of the comfort zone and take the risk of trying to find out what she is really good at, and how to plug it into life.

2 thoughts on “LSOF: Meant 4 more

  1. Again, great post! You are a great friend. We do need to step out on faith and God will do the rest!

  2. I am at a loss for words. No, really! I’ve put my runners shoes on because I am terrified of stepping into the unknown. Of course, with running shoes, one would think I am running into the unknown, but it’s different only because running is familiar.
    luv ya bunches


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