LSOF: Lives lived in room 1408

Hello all.

I have to tell you this is a little out of the norm for the devotionals, but I know my dear friend Kit will appreciate it; as she is struggling through to get her Doctorate(I’m SO proud:-)..)So just deal people:-)

I saw the movie, ” 1408″ By: Stephen King; with John Cusak.

Basically the storyline is a writer of horror novels, and he searches the world for a perfect place for his next horror novel site. He receives a postcard that reads, ” Don’t go in 1408.”. from someone at The Dolphin Hotel in NY.
And being that his personality is built on strong impulsions, he ignores the warning. He just wants to be able to say he was there.

That is typical of how we as human beings are, we take risks to have some sort of small pleasure in life. Whether it is an amusement park, sky diving, bungee jumping, etc. we all just want to be able to say, ” Yes, I took the risk, and lived.”

Mr. Anslin thought he was just going into a hotel room. It seemed to be just that; but the longer he stayed there through the hour, the more he saw that he was very wrong.

Think of us again for a moment, before you take that plunge into the water, it looks pretty harmless, but going in without knowing what is under the surface is dangerous.
We should always be prepared and cautious for what will come before us next.

I think going through life with a go-getter attitude is wonderful, but without a strong plan of action, knowing what you have to do next it makes the journey a lot longer than expected, and a lot harder to accomplish.

Mr. Anslin for the most part was a real tough guy, but he also was that way because of his past.

His daughter died at a young age, and instead of facing her death, and moving through it, he ran from it.

The way any evil of this world works is to get to where it hurts most, to the fears that can easily bind us up. We take a hit from all sides without knowing, until we are down for the count.

Just putting things in the back of your mind is like dumping garbage in a trash chute, eventually it will get to full to stay hidden from site. It starts to smell, and then you have no choice but to clean it out.

You have to admit to yourself, and to God, that you indeed have a something that you need to deal with; and take it on, head on.

Mr. Anslin, once his fears came to the surface, he tries everything he can to avoid them. Obviously, he is harmed by the evil, so it makes him want to run, but when it comes down to it, the only way he really is able to beat it, is to force himself to go through it.

No one can see your fears but you. There isn’t some magic spell to make them just disappear. Just get easier to deal with.

Overall, I have to say this movie was phenomenal, and it had some qualities of other King movies, but the coolest part was the message itself. Even though we feel like our fears are so small, if we don’t face them, they can end up eating us alive.

So for our literary buffs, this was a true scene of conflict, where it was man vs. himself.

I encourage you to see the movie, and really put yourself in Ms. Anslin’s shoes, and picture how you would have taken on your fear.

Be Blessed:-)


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