LSOF: Where the grass isn’t greener

I took a step back into reality by coming back to my old hometown.
I mean I have been back before, but this time, I saw it up close and personal.

I have always had a love for South Jersey, I thought that my parents were absolutely nuts for moving, but I see why they left.

When I stepped off the plane and got my bags, and I was waiting for the car. I noticed in the corner of my eye, graffiti on the wall.

It didn’t bother me really, I figured oh yea, there was always some of that here.

I thought I was in for a wonderful stay, and with my family that is true, but the rest of the people here; man most of them are just so unkind.

I was at Blockbuster getting a movie, and I had to transfer my acct up here, and the boy had a little difficulty, so I just told him how it would be easiest to figure out. And eventually he did. I told him I was sorry it was so much trouble, and his reply was, ” I just can’t believe you didn’t cuss me out.”

I then got in the car and decided to take a drive down any street, just to see where I would end up. This was to my best of memory the radio station; lawfirm advertisement.

” If you are caught buying a gun for a criminal we will make sure you serve the time.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, where I am from the most I would hear a lawyer talk about is malpractice or accident suits. Good Lord!

Later that night, I went to a local conveinant store, where there were a bunch of teens hanging out in front, it was about 9pm, and I know these kids were probably under 16yrs.

Inside the store, I heard the clerk say to the teens trying to come in,
” Two of you at a time, that’s it.”
I walked outside and heard one of the teens say something about it, and me and my
big mouth was like, ” Oh don’t worry it will change when you turn 18.”
She turned right around and said, ” Excuse me, but was I talking to you.”
My nice old grandma repeated what I said, and the girl wasn’t about to get an attitude with her, but I just said, ” Yea, I was being nice.”

My goodness, if my parents ever heard me speak to someone like that…wow.

This morning, I was watching the news and it said 200 shootings alone reported in Philadelphia last month. That city is 15 minutes from me. A city I always thought the highest of.

and tonight, watching a movie with my cousin and uncle, there were two teens, that constantly were talking in the theater, and not a whisper. It was so rude, and it took everything I had not to say something, instead I got up and moved to the otherside of the theater.

No respect.

At Mcdonalds, i watched a guy go by in the parkinglot with a big bag, and watched him go meet a car in a parking lot. All of this going on, while I was waiting for my food!

I realize that I don’t live in New York, but the thing is, I am just shocked where I place I thought was so comfortable to live, really is quite dangerous.

I would not have survived here as a sensitive teenager, I know this for sure.

I mean the memory I have of Philly, is a black man and white man get into a fight. The black man took a bat and destroyed the white mans boom box. We were walking by on the way to see fireworks as this happened. But I always thought it was just some random thing.

I guess I can say I am glad I moved to FL. My dad was in his late 20’s when we left, and he also left his past too. He was in the wrong crowd of people, and drugs are just so easy to get in this area. God saved our family from all of this.
He knew my mom wouldn’t have been able to deal with it with her sickness, plus try to raise both my sister and I.
She told me that she worked 2 jobs to get a meal on the table for us, and never saw my father’s paycheck. She knew where that money was going.

My father is now a supervisor for a water company here, and my mom has her days, but survived living up in NJ.

I will keep you updated with the rest of the trip, I might try to see the old house tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “LSOF: Where the grass isn’t greener

  1. Wow….that’s tough stuff girl.

    Glad God’s Hand brought you to a place where He knew what all of you would be able to handle. Hope the rest of your time there goes well.

  2. hey girl!! just returning the visit!! sorry it took me so long…i’ve been away from a computer for a few weeks!

    wow..jersey..i always wanted to be able to live there (or NYC), but i’m not sure my accent would survive!! you go girl with all those hurdles…many prayers your way! it is amazing how different cultures can be just a few states away! God bless the rest of your stay!! 🙂

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