My strange dream-(my LPM siestas will love this lol)

First of all, it is 8:00am now, I just woke up, with this unbelievably strange dream.

I know my LPM girls would appreciate this:)

In my dream I am walking with some friends down at the Walmart parking lot. I guess I am probably there do get few last minute things before leaving NJ.

I see a crowd of people, and my friends and I peek into see what the fuss is all about.

I look over at this car, where Beth Moore is surrounded by people just one by one going up and praying for her.

So I make my way through, and say I had something to say, and she holds out her hand as if we were going to pray.

I say, ” No, I will pray on my own for you, I just wanted to wish you a safe trip.”

Amanda is there now at the otherside of the car and says to everyone that they really have to go.

So then later, as I am all ready for my trip, I see Beth again, this time I also see a friend of mine, and they are all putting items in boxes to take to Africa.

So I pack the boxes, and I think one time Beth came over to my friend and said something about an outfit or whatever, and I just kept packing stuff.

She then says she’s in a rush and has got to go to her plane.

So then like another 50 some people are all telling her good-bye, and I just say it too, but not so I can really be heard.

I then turn to my friend Charlotte, and on a side note, I hardly know what she looks like other than pictures, because she lives in Canada so the entire time she is facing her back to me lol.

Anyways, before Beth leaves the area, she stops and says, ” Bye Ang.” and I wave back. Continue what I am doing.

She then says, ” I think I need some good junk food, hmm…Angie, girl get over here and help me search for some.” She hands me this empty tray.

I am like, Okay. and we go. People still saying their goodbyes as we leave.

On our way, Beth stops for a second and looks into this classroom. Students are all sitting, and as she stands there one student recognizes her. But only waves.

As we make our way into this area full of all kinds of junk food. I look over at Beth, she seems to be really anxious about something.

” Are you worried about the plane flight?” I ask her.

She smiles, ” Yes, a little, I’ve done the thing a thousand times, but yea, I am.”

So I just answer, ” Trust and Believe, right?”

And she answers, ” Yea, that’s exactly right, not always easier said then done, but yes, you are right.”

I don’t remember this part, but she told me somewhere in the dream that she needed a lighter for something, so I remembered and handed her a Nascar one.

We gather all kinds of junk food, chips, cookies, just everything.

And the tray I am holding seems to be pretty unsteady. I feel like the old Scooby-doo cartoon where they have the sandwich stacked to the ceiling.

I notice a girl, that I am sure I know, and I didn’t want to be rude and not introduce her, but I couldn’t remember where I knew her, or what her name was, and before i could, Beth grabs my arm, ” Alright girl, let’s go.”

I hand all the junk food to her in bags, she says, ” thanks for your help, you’re a doll” gives me a hug, and says, ” God Bless you.” and walks to her plane.

I make my way back to all the boxes and stuff, and I get my bags from my friend, and I am off on my own flight back to Florida.

****Ladies, I just wanted encourage you after this junk food dream to go check out Mandy’s blog question of the week!*****

5 thoughts on “My strange dream-(my LPM siestas will love this lol)

  1. wow! What an interesting dream! Junk food shopping with Beth Moore… Sounds awesome! 🙂 Very very interesting. I think God might be sending you a message in there. Ask Him, see what He reveals to you. And then tell us! LOL! 🙂 Have a great Monday!

  2. LOL!!!!

    I am cracking up! And of course any siesta would appreciate this one 🙂

    Love it!
    And kind of craving some junk food myself now!

  3. do i have to come clean & admit that i had TWO dunkin’ donuts for breakfast today?
    does the orange juice i’m drinking absolve me?

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