LSOF: My Serenity Prayer Friend

The next person I would like to dedicate this section to would be my dear friend Pat Lamb.

She was my old manager when I worked at Walmart, and we clicked right away one day just sitting down at a luncheon. She told me about her mom. A story she doesn’t really share easily with anyone.

Her mom died of cancer in 2003, it was a few months before I started working there.

” God grant me the serenity,
to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.”

This was the prayer they prayed together right before her mom died.

It’s crazy because I never knew her mom, but this prayer has brought encouragement and helped me stay motivated many times.
I know it is common one, but knowing the story behind it, its encouraging.

I was at work one day, and it was like the worst day in history, and I was talking to her, and telling her to make sure to say a prayer for me to survive that day, because I was really becoming discouraged.

Later on, I was walking through the furniture department, about lunch, that would be about 6pm-7pm and I happened to look up at one of the pictures and there was the Serenity Prayer hanging there.
I remember my eyes watered a little.

The crazy thing is, I had been looking for that prayer everywhere, and couldn’t find it at all in the store. And there is was staring back at me.

The next day, I went up to Pat, or called her, I don’t really remember, but I remember asking her when did she prayed for me. Most of the time I know you don’t really reveal when you would pray for someone.

But she told me, and she told me it was around 6pm or so. Around the same time I saw the prayer!

It’s just cool how close God has been in our friendship, she is much older than me, but let me tell you we really have fun spending time together. She is the best shopping buddy, and she gives me a Precious Moments gift every year for my birthday, and last year made me a Susan Wakeen doll.

I also might add we both sat there to watch the last ” All My Children” episode, of Dixie’s death, and did cry our eyes out. ( We love you Cady Mcclain!)

I used to take her to her doctors appointments, which I am used to because of my mom, so it wasn’t a big deal.

One time there was a concern with the enzymes in her liver, and the doctor was almost sure there was cancer, and I remember it was my birthday actually, and we had gone to her doctor.

The results were negative, and she looked at me, and we agreed that something was definitely there, but God took it away.

We then went to the Cheesecake Factory, and spent the rest of the day shopping.

I guess you might say its like ” Fried Green Tomatoes” kind of friendship, she has so much of a life story to tell, and I treasure that.

But getting back to the Serenity Prayer, whenever I do see it, I buy it and give it to her.

I think it really brings her joy to know her mother’s last words have helped me sometimes to just begin a day.

God is truly awesome!

One thought on “LSOF: My Serenity Prayer Friend

  1. Hello,
    I’m fairly new to this but saw your blog through Mandy. It’s beautiful and I have had alot of fun looking through it. It caught my eye that we have somewhat of the same blog name…Gods Gal =)
    I’ll be stopping by often,
    til He comes!

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