LSOF: " God gives grace to the humble.."

1 Peter 5:4-6

” Young men, in the same way be submissive to those who are older. All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because,
God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”
Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand,
that he may lift you up in due time.”

I first just have to say I typed out all of that verse, because I know God will always have each one of us read it in the way He chooses.

And so now, the next person of great influence is my Pastor, David Moenning.

He just is a powerful man of God, and yet at the same time he is also very humble.

I have seen my Pastor during praise and worship become so overtaken by the Holy Spirit, that he would just walk and drop his knees at the alter, in complete humility, or his hands would be raised to the sky.

Our church was always labeled as ” Seeker Sensitive”, because we do a lot of outreach in the community.

But honestly, we don’t have a ” Seeker Sensitive” congregation, or worship.

We have let God lead us into a time of just acknowledging Him, to flat out physically showing God that we have so much adoration for Him.

( I am getting to the point that I might just have to flat out dance through the aisles, the Holy Spirit is so awesome like that.)

Pastor Dave is very open during all the messages, and pours his own heart out.
He is real, and he is honest. He loves talking about the Bible, and the things God shows his own heart; that sometimes worship lasts longer than expected.

But honestly, this is how I look at it, man is who created this time nonsense, not God.

I would be perfectly fine listening for another whole hour no problem.

I love to listen, because seriously what is more important in life than listening about God?

I mean there are countries where people pray for 8hrs a day, so I could dig some longer worship time.

Some of his known favorite Christian influences/authors :
Anne Grahm Lotts, Mother Theresa, Rick Warren, and John Ortberg.

My favorite story he has told by Mother Theresa went something like this:

Mother Theresa was working at a place where there were people with leprosy, and a news reporter came to visit, to get the interview.
He walked in and was overcome by the stench, and spoke,
” How can you stand this, the smell is unbearable.”
And Mother Theresa answered,
” I, alone, cannot stand it. It is Jesus inside me that can.”

Talk about something that would throw you down on your knees!
I just love that story.

My Pastor is also very wise, and I think that comes with humility ;God just begins to show us more when He knows we are not focused on ourselves.

I was going through a lot of issues, and he sat me down and drew a circle on a piece of paper, and wrote all the issues by name inside the circle, and on the ourside, he wrote JESUS.

Basically, he told me that if my mind is consumed by my issues, how can it have room to let Jesus in?

I think of that now whenever I go through something, I actually apologize to God for letting it be an idol in my mind.

But that’s the key, we have to remember above all something that has been preached at my church, and probably will be til’ He comes..
Less of us, MORE OF JESUS!

I wish you had the chance to see firsthand the experience of what it is to watch someone preach, not to be heard by the congregation, but by God himself!

As I have said many times before..I have been very blessed!

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