LSOF: Just a simple prayer:)

Hi Siestas, I wrote out this prayer today on my friend’s email, but thought it would be something
you might want to read as well.

Church was absolutely phenomenal today, I was barely awake from working overnight, so I grabbed ahold of Debbie to come sit by me to ” keep me awake” duty.

She is mentioned in this prayer as well, so maybe you might pray along with me on somethings.
I will be back in full force as soon as I get my rest.
Probably mon or tue…and BTW I mentioned some of you to Beth on the LPM Blog, because you have blessed me SO much, I wanted her to be also:)

Here is the prayer, and I will talk to you soon darling people:)


” Dear Father, You are truly the Almighty one, you bring our starving souls right to your feet, and you replenish us, and refresh us to start over a billion times over, we have all been weak, we have all been strong, but none of us have been perfect.

We are all on a quest to know everything we can to come to the best understanding that you truly are God and we are not.

I pray Lord that you help us to seek your face even at the most rough time of day, and remember that you indeed are at the center of it.

I love you so much Father, without you, we are nothing, but a smashed piece of clay on the ground.
I long for you Lord, to mold me, and to just empty everything I am that is not needed to become like you.

Thank you Lord, for healing my momma, I know it is a daily battle that she goes through with her illness, but I praise you Lord, for just keeping her going, keeping her strong, and not letting the illness affect her determination in so many things.

I also praise you Father, for just the message you spoke through Pastor David, I was blown away and as tired as I was, Lord, Oh Lord, I fell into the words, and was just so blessed by everything he said.

I know mom tells me that if I ever left those people wouldn’t care Lord, but it isn’t the people so much that would miss me, is it? I mean they probably would, but Lord, I think YOU would miss seeing me praise you, knowing I am comfortable doing it there than anywhere. A Holy Place, a Safe place, where you are.
Thank You Jesus!

I pray for Debbie, I pray Father that you would bring her such a freshness to her week, and as she gets ready to start back with school. I pray Lord, that you search her heart each day Lord, as I would pray the same for myself, and just sift out the things that need sifting, and inspire her in all the best of her gifts you have given her.

I know Lord, that she is a humble servant of yours Lord, and I know that from the beginning when she gave her heart to you Lord, even then she tried to reach out and share the truth, the hope of who you were. Lord help me to know how to pray for her; putting her position in the church aside, or the fact she has been my mentor,but help me to know how to pray for her, because she is my friend.

I pray for so many Lord in our church and just everywhere Father. I pray against religous spirits, that teach the word, but not the hope. I pray you shut their mouths Lord, and let them not speak until the truth is heard of who you are in love.

Thank you Lord for everything in advance, again, we are nothing without you. In Jesus name I pray soley,
Amen. “

3 thoughts on “LSOF: Just a simple prayer:)

  1. Amen, and amen, and amen!!! Oh it’s so nice to see your words again!

    I pray and hope you are getting rested and refreshed and renewed!

    Lord bless you richly!

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