LSOF: Complete Devotion

I guess we could call this the second part of the ” Complete” series. 🙂

” We stutter and stammer until you say us,
a symphony of chaos until you play us.” – Nichole Nordeman, ” Healed.”

I am awake here at 5am or so; and its amazing how easily just opening the bible, and just thinking of God, can bring tears to my eyes. Because He’s God.

I was speaking with my friend yesterday, and I was telling her as tired as I was on Sunday, I wanted to go to church with an expectant heart.

It really is the way to open your heart to God; Just complete devotion, just completely all thought and all action to praise Him.

I did my little spat over the years of using big extravagant words when praying or writing to God, but as I’ve gotten older, saying more takes away from what I really want to say to God. Just getting to the point, gives Him your full attention.

Here is the verse that is very close to my heart this morning; I read this verse on August 29, 2000. I marked it in my bible. From that morning until now,
if I would have known how much God would have worked in my life,
I would have been on my knees a lot longer that morning.
For that matter, I would have never gotten off my knees!

Psalm 5:1-3

Give ear to my words, O Lord,
consider my sighing,
Listen to my cry for help,
my King and my God,
for to you I pray.
In the morning O Lord, you hear my
in the morning I lay my requests
before you,
and wait in expectation.”

I have read that verse over and over; and I have to tell you, today it took on real life, I mean before I memorized it, and meditated on it, but look at the bold it not the most amazing?

David writes that He wants God to hear “his” voice, to listen to “his” cries for help,
but he also says, that he knows God hears his voice, and that he will wait for an answer.

I don’t know if you view this in the same way, but it seems that David had written the first couple verses, crying out to God, begging Him to hear him..
and then suddenly, he stops and he writes that he knows God has heard him.

I wonder what happened in that time, I wonder of the conversation he and God had during that time; because he knew God was there. Something in his soul suddenly had a little bit of peace. A little reasuurance.

This is why I love the Psalms more than any book of the bible, through little words, you can really see a scene pour out from the pages; God speaks to you,
and most of the time you don’t even see it.
I mean it isn’t the only book of the bible that does that, because well, its the Word of God, but it is just a personal favorite.

It is also very encouraging; especially when you see a verse you read a certain way for years suddenly take on a new life altogether.

It also says, that maybe our prayer life should be more of EXPECTING God to hear us, instead of ACCEPTING that God will hear us in His time.

I sometimes picture God with His ear to the clouds, so I know He can hear the faintest whisper. Its so amazing.

What about you though? How deep do you pray to God? I mean taking away the extravagant words, what is it you really want to say?

Its amazing that once you do that, once you keep it all short and sweet,
and just speak your heart.
then it moves into your own life, and even your conversations with others, prayer shows us our priorities, and we start to actually live in that way.

People that have known me a long time; they are used to two-page or more of just letters, and cards would not have any space on them once I was through.

God just started to show me that I didn’t have to say so much anymore, and
I am sure my pen was greatful.
Even phone conversations; its not because I am busy that I am not on the phone a long time; its just that, how worth it is the conversation I am having?
What can I be getting done instead, or doing?

When we start to live in complete devotion to God; Desires that we have for our life, and what God’s plan for our life; simply collide.

He weeds it all out, but in the end, something beautiful stands before us.

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