LSOF: Carry on

Ladies, I just first have to say that the post from yesterday may have been unecessary; I should have just let it stay within my spirit. However, it is what I felt at the time. It could be possible that God would give a message to Beth for so many people at once; and that’s awesome, but how much really needed to be written out on a comment…again, it may have been completely unecessary, but if I didn’t feel it was a warning sign to idolism, I would never have said it.

With that said, let’s go on to today’s devo.

” He carries all my sorrows, With His blood, He cleanses me from sin, He alone brings light unto my darkness, He’s the Lord of all, and JESUS is His name…”

A friend once told me once, ” When Jesus is all you have, Jesus is all you need.”
For awhile, I don’t think I really believed that; I mean when I found myself clutching to my cross and bible in the opposite arm; I didn’t feel very complete; satisfied with Him alone.

It was so much easier to find a friend, or just anyone that could really hold me, a shoulder to cry on.

Sometimes going to Jesus, was just plain hard!

Human nature would make us revert back to our oldselves and pretend somehow in apart of us, that Jesus doesn’t exist the way people say He does.

How many times have you done that; and how many times has He called you on it!

I knew a friend who was so on fire for God, and loved working within a church as a future leader. Somehow a situation happened where the church hurt her, and now she is in a completely different field altogether.

I believe that it is important to pray against that from happening to those we love, because what Beth Moore had to say yesterday has much truth to it.

The world WANTS to take away what we love, what we have passion for in life, and so what generally will happen will pride will slip through a backdoor and knock us down, ultimately making us lose that fire we once had, for what we once loved.

It is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. I say this with teaching students, and maybe it would be right to see people that way, because we all are indeed students with a great teacher:) I tell other teachers, to STOP. LOOK. LISTEN. From there you can determine using the Holy Spirit what is truth. Who is real.

The truth of teh matter is we will have false teachers enter our path, and that is why it is so vital to know the word.
Sometimes those people don’t even know they are being used by evil, because there is so much confusion in their mind about God; that the Enemy found a way in .

Warning signs:

1. the person wants to tell you how you should live your life, and that what you are doing isn’t right. they don’t keep it biblical and they are harsh with their words, sometimes demanding that you listen to them. They are judgemental and demanding.

2. the person is seemingly perfect, there life is perfect and blah blah, but you find them talking about what their ” Pastor” said over and over. We all do it from time to time, but it is about God, God said it first, its like the children that tried to cast out demons in Peter’s name….seriously, those people completely missed a point at church somewhere lol.

3. the person tries to get you involved at another church, doing work for that church, and frequently although speaking nice at your church, will talk bad about it in the next breath. This person was hurt, and you don’t have any room to breathe with the baggage they carry around them. Their chains are so heavy that they have to bring you along to help carry them. They want to feel like they made a bad choice a good choice, by using someone naive or new to the church.

4. the person that will talk about what Jesus says to do; without ever opening a bible. People like this, although they are nice, and seem to be follower doesn’t mean they are, and if you aren’t careful you can get pulled in, and then what you have been brought into is a cult. Always make sure things are backed up with scripture.

5. this person may use ” their own” religion, they believe its about Jesus, but you don’t feel loved around them, and they seem to talk about Jesus not as someone high and almighty, but someone ordinary. GOD IS NOT even close to that! People put Him in a box, and mold their own idol, and completely brainwash themselves. It isn’t intentional, its just that something may have happened in their life that would cause them to believe Jesus was a certain way. We all have put Him in a box from time to time.

Well siestas, I am off to sleep, I cannot believe I rambled on so, but I love you and I will talk to you a little later when I wake:-)

Be Blessed:) and BE CAREFUL!


One thought on “LSOF: Carry on

  1. Good insight Angie! Great name by the way! LOL! I agree whole-heartedly with you. We live in a time where people do put much focus on idols rather than Jesus alone. They deceive themselves because it looks different than worshiping a stone image but it is in essence the same thing. Great warning! God does have me fast at times from Bible studies written by other authors to just come away with Him in His word alone. It is easy to get sidetracked. Let us get back to KNOWING Jesus personally through HIS word!
    God bless you!
    In His love,

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