I’m a NERD for Jesus:-)

Hi Siestas,
I just had to post this; I emailed it to Amanda to confirm how much of a dork I am lol.

No seriously, have you taken a look back at the LPM blog from the beginning of the year?

I always posted like I was like this scholared chick..I SO was, and AM not lol.

I mean it reads fine, but my goodness!

How about you, have you found yourself there from the beginning, and can’t help but join my NERD crowd?

Oh well, I guess we can all be NERDS for Jesus:)


One thought on “I’m a NERD for Jesus:-)

  1. ROTFL!! girl..i have thought the same thing…and some of the entries on LPM (no disrespect intended) are the same from post to post…who are we all trying to impress! I love Beth and she is my fav, but she is human…if we would all put as much effort into Jesus, WOW!!! Love you, you are so real!

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