LSOF: What it means to have a servant’s heart?

Good thursday to you all; hope its been eventful.

For me, after two classes..I spent most of the day with ME, Myself, and God.:)

I was sitting at Barnesnoble drinking a frozen cara-vanilla latte’, in the middle of my daily procrastinating time from Bio.

And thought I would share some interesting, and unusually off the wall thoughts.

As you know, if you have followed the blog, there have been several occassions where God has asked me to STEP OUT.

And yet it continues..

I had another dream that Beth Moore was in last night; I will probably meet that woman one day and be like, ” Oh, hey Beth, what up?” because in my dream it is as if I have known her forever.
But it will show you that maybe God was sending a message. Read on siesta.

I am in Texas somewhere; Beth and I are walking on some grainy-dirt road,
she tells me, ” I want to show you someplace, would that be alright?”
I answered, ” Sure, let me just grab my smokes, be right back.”
She informs me, ” I’ll just smack that thing out of your mouth, girl.”
So of course, I give her the whole deal I tell everyone about why it is I smoke, clear and simple, it calms my ADHD. It really does!
She shakes her head as I go up to the truck(and I don’t own a truck), and take out the menthol kind.
I show them to her saying, ” I think I will need the strongest ones around you today.” in my lovely sarcasm. She doesn’t laugh.
We walk up the road to this little wooden house, it looked to be a small diner out in the middle of nowhere.
” This place is real nice, with real nice people.” she says as we walk up the steps.
We are greeted by a waiter that seats us. However, she doesn’t sit, I do in a booth and she stands and all these people with deformities greet her and she smiles and hugs them one by one.
I just stare, and the waiter asks me if I will have anything. I answer no.
Just then a little girl, with one leg jumps on my table, and hugs me.
It startles me. I then wake up to see my cat Boo standing on my chest.

I didn’t finish the dream, but it was pretty clear what God was showing me, don’t you think?

Okay, now I have to add that I couldn’t resist from buying a book before I left, I just wasn’t strong enough to fight off the temptation lol.

I bought the book, ” Sister Freaks” by Rebecca St. James, and other authors.

Talk about God leading me to having a true servan heart..this book was alone and it was a bargain book!

The church is going to have a Thanksgiving feast for those less fortunate, and I have really had it laying on my heart to help out; and even though it will anger my family for not being there that day, I just know God will be pleased.

Its about Him anyway.

Siesta, I don’t know if any of this speaks to you, but serving is a rough area in the body of Christ, almost as tough as getting people to give financially, but we are called to do it.

Shine on ladies, let’s shine for Jesus.

And to add: I have been reading the chapters in the book, and I think for the next few weeks, it will focus on each girl in history, some we know some we don’t, but why not we all see what a true servant is like?

I guess I can make it into a bible study; that we can do together? What do you think?

After all, aren’t we all siesta freaks?:-)

Be Blessed:)


6 thoughts on “LSOF: What it means to have a servant’s heart?

  1. I love that Bible study idea! Your dreams crack me up. It is painful but I love it when God shows me judgement in my heart He wants to work out. It is precious. Love your post and your being real!
    Much love,

  2. I am CRACKING UP!! You are TOO much. All for the bible study! You’re too cute! Have a good day and keep on studying (i am the QUEEN of procrastination- I seemed to operate better when under uber-amounts of stress!)

  3. Hey Ang – I just noticed one of your comments on the 10th went to my spam box thingy…So I’ve recovered it and it is now in the comments on the Advantage or Disadvantage post that day…sorry! Great comment too!

    Much love!

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has strange dreams….my last one was about armpit hair….I love the reminder here….and how the Lord continues to speak through you to m!!!! Hey come back to my blog and explain the dark/light thingy…thank you for your encouragement, it’s helped me alot. Love to you on the totally blessed Spirit filled Friday!!!!!

  5. Funny; Beth was in my dream last night, too! I think it was the first time I’ve ever dreamed about her. For some reason she was at a small group I was leading, and I found myself feeling really self-conscious, wanting to impress and please her … and then just feeling SO convicted of being human-approval-focused rather than focusing on God.

    It was really pretty fitting, because that’s something He’s been convicting me of in general lately! I am WAY too concerned about what other people think.

  6. Interesting blog site. I found you from Beth’s site. Bless your new study – may it touch those it is supposed to reach. Shine on, girlfriend – keep asking Him to call you closer and draw you nearer. Stay in the WORD ~ Disciple will be great (if it is the Methodist Class ~ I took four of them). Bless you and all you stand for. 😉

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