Coming soon :-)

Okay siestas, and siestos, this girl has been mad busy, SO she hasn’t had a moment to sit in thought! I have some blurps going on in my head, so its a comin’ just notta hear yet!

Possibly tomorrow night…sorry for the wait:) I knew you could handle looking at the Harley Davidson auggie a little while:)

Tuesdays Sister Freaks lesson will be on ” Joan of Arc”- Brave Soldier.
I am excited to share it with you:)

I hope everyone has a great weekend:)

Be Blessed:)

3 thoughts on “Coming soon :-)

  1. Can’t wait to hear what the or teaches you:)

    Than you so much ffor Cheri’s web address!!!

    I love her! I’ve always wondered what ever happened to her! She is beautiful inside and out!

    We must be related;D

  2. “Siestos”–I love it!
    Hope life slows down a little for you soon; looking forward to hearing more of what Dad teaches you!

    ~ Faith O’Flava 😉

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