What some of my siestas have been buggin’ me to do…

Hi there:)

I got quite a surprise when I went to go to speak with my counselor yesterday, and at this point he is now my mentor, because I am way beyond the help stage(Oh, that sounded good lol):)

He is a nationally known speaker, so he knows what he talking about.

So this is what he sat me down and told me I am to start to get together…

My book!

I don’t know if I have really mentioned it to you guys much, but I have been trying to write a book for a LONG time now; I honestly, have no clue how to go about it.

So that was our discussion yesterday, He wrote it all out for me.

And told me to go with it.

The book title is, ” Sudden Desperation.” and it is like how they say, ” Sudden Depth” when it comes to the depth of the ocean.

Like Ms. Beth, I am going to incorporate some of the stuff I have already written, so don’t be surprised if you see more to the devotionals.

Anyway, so that is where I am now:)

I have a time frame, can’t say I will be able to meet it. But all things are possible with God, so
we shall see what happens:)

Love y’all:)


5 thoughts on “What some of my siestas have been buggin’ me to do…

  1. Great! I am a writer too. I feel the exact same way as you! My manuscript is under review currently. Will keep you posted. Please do me with yours too.

  2. I found you by way of clicking on various links. The cool part is I see some familiar links you’ve listed such as Lisa @ Preacher’s Wife!

    Anyway, I love the name of your blog (the sole reason I clicked on your Mr. Linky)!!!

    I too have finally gotten the motiviation to move forward on a book. I’m not sure what God has planned, but I’m sure if no one else I will be enlightened.

    Blessings to you!

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