LSOF: " Oh what a beautiful morning…"

Can you just hear the famous song from, ” Oklahoma!” 🙂

Ladies, I had a wonderful end to my night of work. God SO blessed me immensley, and it was in the little things. Which I love.

I think you remember me mentioning about the new Christian, who wasn’t too kind with her words to me. Well, last night I got to use Jesus for a big example.

She always has a tough time in her department. So I decided I would help her sort somethings so it was easier for her, and then continue my department.

Can I just tell you how much “thank yous” I got from her. My manager even came up to me and said, ” I don’ t know how many ” Praise the Lord for Angie” I heard from her.”

It was pretty cool, and she got to see the light in me, at work.

Okay, then I am leaving out the door, and the sky, wow, I wish I could just picture it for you, it was more beautiful then I had seen it in a long time.

It had every color you would see during a sunset, at sunrise.

I got in my car, and when I got close to home, I saw my double rainbows in the sky too:)

I praised God, because it was ALL Him, and then I thought to myself that I wish my mom was awake at home so she could see it.

So I went home, and stood outside and just admired the beautiful sight.

I then walked inside, and my mom was awake. I pulled her outside by her arm practically, to which she ran to get her camera.

We just stood in awe together(and also my cat too, she was hungry and decided I wasn’t to be let out of her sight.)

Oh what a beautiful ending, to a wonderful night!

Jesus rocks:)

Be Blessed:)


7 thoughts on “LSOF: " Oh what a beautiful morning…"

  1. I don’t know about you but when the Holy Spirit really moved into my life the sky and nature just had a more special look to it.

  2. how beautiful….funny though, yesterday and today, through the rain, I saw a LITTLE peak of a rainbow..I tried to point it out to sara- but she couldn’t find it, and I wasn’t about to get in a wreck trying to show her 🙂
    have a great weekend,
    love ya!

  3. I love it and that is really what it means to heap burning coals. back in the day people would carry baskets on their heads with coals to light their fires and heaping coals meant giving yours to help them. So repaying with blessing. i am so proud of you because you get it! how I love our covenant God!! Girl I am about to watch beths dvd wising up about work. I will take good notes.

  4. God has really spoken to me through rainbows, too–especially when I did something hard in obedience and faith, which it sounds like you did! Bless your loving, obedient heart, girl!

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