LSOF: Only He can satisfy…

LSOF: Only He can satisfy…

Picture this.

You are a kitten who wanders away from your mother in the deep forest of
North Carolina; you are scared, and lonely, and hungry!
You spend the first few weeks of your life wandering through a forest.
Barely able to catch your own meal.
You are so young.
No one taught you how to survive.

You become malnutritioned, and so very frightened to everything around you.
You stumble upon a highway, and WHISH, WHISH, cars, trucks, and motorcycles pass
And wind blows dirt in your face.

And then a car stops on the side of the road, a man gets out of his car and comes towards you.
You would run away from him, but you are so very weak, that the only strength you have
Is to scare him away by hissing at him.
He smiles at you, picks you up in his arms, and you shake in fear.

The only one you’ve ever had room to trust left you weeks ago,
And now someonelse has entered your life.
He places you in his car, keeps reassuring you as you just sit and cry on the passenger seat.

And He takes you away from your wilderness.

Does this sound familiar to you? It should.

This is the story of us. This is who we were before Jesus entered our life.

We all have this deep part of us where desperation exists, and yet we have learned that while we may be able to survive on our own for a little while, that we will not continue to possess that same strength.

We cannot keep just getting ourselves out of situations, and our own strongholds on our own.

It is by grace alone.

I will add that this is a true story, my friend Sheila’s husband found this kitten yesterday.

Because of God’s grace, we were taken from the miry pit, and we were set upon a rock, we were given a firm place to stand….(Psalm 40:2)
Everythingelse, just is not worth paying for.

Psalm 188:8
It is better to take refuge in the LORD

than to trust in man.

My mother just got a job as a teacher for an Electrolysis school getting paid $40,000 yr., and you know my mom’s history, she has been ill for quite a good chunk of her life, so this is a big deal for her.

I asked her if she would feel good enough to do it. Her answer was,
“ Why should I let that stop me?”

She is truly right.

So many times we still forget how much bigger God is, and that He can get us through anything.

I will tell you knowing my mom’s determination, she would teach the class from a hospital bed if she had to; so I won’t question her any further about if she thinks she could handle it.

Striving for excellence, that is what God wants of us, He wants us to try our best and make us sure in knowing that He has our back in whatever we choose to do.

We are more than overcomers.

Having a peace that surpasses all understanding(Phil 4:3-5)

I have been taking medicine for my ADD for quite a few years now, but recently have stopped taking it about a month ago.

I don’t want to have to rely on medicine to get me through my day, to get me through my life!

Something happened in me, where I have such a peace from God, that I can focus and do even the hardest things without much anxiety.

As it is with children in learning, as is it the same with us. A gift of time.

My friend is excited to learn the word of God, and I am excited for her, but because from experience of my own, I told her she has to take it in little steps, because too much can be overwhelming.

Beth Moore, and Joyce Meyer are great teachers of our time, because they know how to break the word down so we can better understand it.

They teach us how to read the bible.

So do our Pastors, and anyonelse that teaches the word of God to us in life.

Here are some ideas I gave her which I can give you:

1. Always make sure you bring your bible to church; it isn’t just to follow along, anyone can do that, start making notes in the margin like the date you learned the message, the title of the message, and also maybe what you were going through at that time.

2. Meditate and memorize on that scripture in your own quiet time. Peace by piece. I know God will use that same scripture for life application sometime in your day or week!

3. Take the verse and break it down a little. For example,

Psalm 63:3
3 Because your love is better than life,
my lips will glorify you.

Underline some key words in that verse, perhaps “ love”, “ life” , and “ glorify”
And then go through and define through any concordance and see where else that word is referenced.

I hope you are following my long tangent. Only He can satisy.

Life Application:

1. We have to know that we are human and NEED God, or we will not survive this crazy world.
2. We have to know that because of God we can conquer anything.
3. We have to know that the peace of God can change the way we see life, and keep us from
worldly self-help.


Also one more thing, everything I wrote today came from my own conversation with God while talking to my friend Sheila, and my mom today; letting God is on our conversations with others…

a very good idea:)

Be Blessed:)


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