LSOF: A Time To Stand Together

Good Monday to everyone!

I hope you had a chance to have awesome worship yesterday at church:) And just wonderful time of fellowship:)

I had an interesting sunday morning. I’ll actually let you relive the weekend with me:)

There is this woman that works with me overnight, and let me just say for a person to work that shift, you gotta have somekind of color to your personality. Believe me.

This woman, whose name is Robyn, she always has kept to herself, and hardly ever really talks to anyone.

I felt a push from the first day I worked there to go up to her, and get to know her, see what makes her tick;

One thing about me, is I love people, I love to figure them out, I love to dig deep and see why they are who they are, or why they do what they do.

I let the judgement of others fall off my shoulders about her, and after 5 months of saying my “hellos and how are yous” I got her to talk more.

Actually, she came up to me.

Personal space, we all have issues with people getting too close in any sense.

I was talking to my manager and a few people outside, and she came out and over to me, and picked up the cross on my necklace.

” Oh that is beautiful”, she said.

It was then time to go back inside, and that was the night.

The next night I was working in Domestics(sheets, towels, pillows etc.), and I had 7 pallets, and was told that I would have to have it done by 7am.

Around 4 am, with 2 pallets left I went over to the lunch room, and I asked Robyn if she was finished with her area, she said she was, and that after she ate she would be over to help me if I needed it.

So we worked more that night and I got to know the basics of her life, her daughter being a teacher like I’m going for, and like I said the basics.

Then there was last night..

After I finished my area in Furniture, I went over to help Robyn in Food. She was a great deal of help to me the night before, and so I wanted to help her.

She was greatful for it, but with people you never know if they are happy to have your help and that’s that, or they are happy that you are the one helping; I think that makes sense.

We were straightening up the aisles, and somehow got on the conversation about faith.
Which let me say I never brought up before, because I wasn’t sure how she would take it.

She started telling me how we need to be better examples of Christ, and from there we would be fine.

I don’t know what it was, but I can tell you from the beginning of the conversation the Holy Spirit was definitely there.

The kicker of the conversation though, in talking about faith and mentioning verses, and just so many things…

I asked her what religion she was.

She first told me she was an athiest her entire life, and wanted proof of what the bible said, wanted to know where the truth was, whether it was reliable, if the people teaching it were showing the right things, living the right way.

She told me she would ask people who claimed to be Christians where in the bible God’s name is mentioned, or where the birth of Jesus was…and no one gave her an answer.

Then she came to a church that knew all of those answers.

She told me she was a Jahovah’s Witness.

I tried not to stand there wide eyed looking at her, and I felt God whisper to my heart,

” Just listen to her, and BE patient.” So I was.

I am not being judgemental in anyway here, but I can tell you that I used to think they were pretty annoying, and when they came to the door, well…

I’d hide.

She told me she didn’t celebrate Christmas that it was a pagan holiday, and never celebrated birthdays…

I told her what I used to think about Jahovah’s witness, but I also told her that I have learned to be more open as I’ve gotten older, and that I have a friend whose wiccan and another whose buddist.

When it comes down to it though, as long as its the word of God, I am all about any conversation.

I have sat with my wiccan friend and prayed with her, and read the bible with her and my buddist friend has gone to church with me.

It is not up to us to force anyone into anything, you can’t make people believe what you believe, only God can do that.

I am ecstatic that Robyn knows who God is now, because not believing is a life of emptiness.

I wanted to hug her though, and tell her I was so glad that she was different, that I was so glad that God challenged me that morning talking to her.

Because that is indeed what it was my friends. A challenge from God.

We have to understand that the challenge isn’t always going to come from people we know at church, more than likely we will be challenged by people we don’t even know, we will be challenged by other religions all together, if you are a Methodist, you will be challenged by a Baptist, or Pentacostal, or Catholic etc.

We will be challenged to what we believe. How we live our life.

Robyn is going to bring me a book about her religion, and I will be happy to read it.

I could have been miss preachy and I could have backed up with so many verses, but I didn’t, because I saw her faith, I saw how much knowledge she had in what she believed.

I praise God, because He brought someone a long her path to guide her to Him.

Next time a Jahovah’s witness comes to the door I think I might stand there and listen to what they have to say instead of rush them away, because they may not have the best way of preaching, but I think its awesome that they have that fire in them to do it.

If you could have been there, if you could have been apart of that conversation, I know you would have really been in awe too.

I love when God challenges us. Don’t you?:)

Matthew 5:13

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.

One thought on “LSOF: A Time To Stand Together

  1. I’m glad you’re there to be a friend to her. I will pray that as she continues to learn about God, He will open her eyes to the truth about who He really is–and who Jesus really is!

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