My Pine Ridge Fellowship Life Change Story…

Hey guys!

My church is celebrating 10yrs in Feb. 2008! So I was asked to write a short and sweet testimony:)

My name is Angie Sarich, and this is my story of how God used the ministry of Pine Ridge Fellowship to help me experiences His life-changing love…

To put into words of how my life has been transformed by His love through PRF almost leaves me speechless, because it would be easier to place my tears in a jar on display.
I came to PRF in May 1998 as a infant caregiver. There was something about listening to the praise music through the walls while I rocked the babies. I guess you’d might say I heard God calling me.

By October, I was a member of the congregation. And March 1999 at Aquire the fire, I gave my heart to Jesus.

It came with a cost, as God would use that point on to start to sift out the sin in my life.

I was 17yrs old, and dealt with all the pressures of that age. I dealt with depression, self-mutilation, and thoughts of suicide.My mother was ill with Chrone’s disease and my father was there, but distant.

I had no example to follow in my life, and then God entered…

One thing I really have to say about PRF, just like with God, you can always start from scratch; no matter what, there are hearts there that will not let you go on a bad day.I am 27yrs old now, and I wouldn’t change my life for the world.God continues to shape and prepare me for ministry, and I look forward to my future at PRF.

8 thoughts on “My Pine Ridge Fellowship Life Change Story…

  1. You are a walking miracle Angie. How did you get to the place where you possess such a holy passion for your beautiful God in ten short years? Oh my…God is all over you Angie – Isaiah 61…and you will stand firm to the very end. Yes you will!

    Beautiful Words of Testimony!

  2. Angie!!! I just read your prayer request at PRF and so I am praying for you girl!!! I think you have come a very long way…praise God…and I sure wish I was still there to celebrate the 10!!! year anniversary…
    I hope you remember me…Pam….Nick and Lindsay’s mom!!
    I love you and miss you and wish you the very best of everything…great, great testimony…PRF is the
    B E S T !!

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