I completely apologize….

Hello all:)

I am just dropping in real quick here.

You know for me not to write a devotional in almost a week in a half- very out of character for me.

I am CONSUMED with school right now…and I CAN’T wait until this last week is OVER!!!

I just wanted you to know I am still alive:-)

A quick update about my Jahovah Witness friend…

I gave her a snowglobe I made that says this,

” Seasons change throughout the year, but sharing out hearts should not be saved for Christmas alone.”- A.S

I knew she didn’t celebrate Christmas, and I did ask her if it would be okay if I gave her a gift, and she said it was, so I did.

I am really getting to know this lady, and she is a awesome person…who I feel like never got a chance to share with anyone we work with, because she isn’t understood.

I even watched a manager of mine gossip to other associates about her, with something I witnessed in the first place…so the manager was trying to start something thinking no one knew the real story.

Robin gave me a couple of her ” salvation” message thingies that they give out, and I can not tell you how excited she was that I was going to read them.

Even my friend Jen was standing there and said so, ” She really believes in all that strongly.”

I told Jen I knew she did, and that was why I wanted to read about all of it.

Before you get people to open up to you, you really have to show them how open you are to them.

It’s the way Jesus was:)

I love y’all, and I will be back very soon!


Be Blessed:)


2 thoughts on “I completely apologize….

  1. Thanks for the update! I’m in the middle of finals week myself so I know how that goes. Glad to hear the update on your friend who’s a “Jehovah’s Witness.” Praying for her! Keep us posted!
    Love you lots!

  2. Thanks for the update Angie, I’m learning through your experience with Robin. Its good to have you writing again. I’m in finals this week also. My last one is Friday.

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