Today was great.
This morning I met with my friend Sara, and we did some bible study.
I absoultely love to study God’s word.
And it was awesome to know how much I already do know when she went through somethings with me.
I just prayed to God and asked if it was okay to take a break the rest of the day and soak it all in.
I know there are some of you reading this and might be leary of me being misled, but I know God’s word, I just craved being able to sit one on one with someone, because in the 10yrs I have been at my church no one has done that with me since I was 17yrs.
It don’t matter the religion it matters the person you work with.
My friend is very cool.
Working tonight.
So will be back soon with somekind of good word:)
I love you guys, and your heart for Jesus:)
He is so amazingly awesome:)
(All that and a bag of chips!)


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