LSOF: A time and place

I was sitting in the prayer center of my church this morning after work writing this devotional.
After meeting with my friend yesterday, and after Youth on wednesday night(Did I mention the surprise birthday party for Jesus we did?)I literally want to dive into the word of God even this moment. And I do mean literally dive…:)

Something I was talking about yesterday was about how amazing it would have been to see the prophecies become fulfilled before our very eyes!

I have to tell you work last night was anything, but fun, I had a splitting headache, and I had 4 pallets of electronics to do, which I barely finished before being sent to another department.
Its that time of the month for this girl too, so that didn’t help much either. I was plain miserable and I am sure people had to have been scared of me lol. Probably not, but anyway.

So I title this devotional, ” A time and place” because there it includes every little part of our lives. Completely and totally laid out like concrete by our God. Every little thing that we think, say or do, he already knows, as it says in Psalm 139:)

O LORD, you have searched me
and you know me.
2 You know when I sit and when I rise;

you perceive my thoughts from afar.
3 You discern my going out and my lying down;

you are familiar with all my ways.
4 Before a word is on my tongue

you know it completely, O LORD. “

I have found it is so relieving to go back and picture the stories in scripture, to relive them for a moment before the chaos that is our life continues to hassle.

So no better way to end a hectic night then to start my morning with God’s word right at my finger tips and a vision, a prayer to just be able to picture the beautiful moments of Christ on earth; or any other amazing scripture.

When I walked into the prayer center this morning, I took a look through the prayer requests, and first praised God for keeping a healing hand on a friend from cancer, and then I walked over to where I usually sit. I’ll go ahead and share with you what the prayer center looks like.

When you walk in the door to your right will be a bookcase of all kinds of wonderful things; books, encouragement cards, notebooks, cd player with Christian worship, pictures of missionaries….and to the left you would see a table with a 3-ring binder of prayers, and praises recorded by computer from requests online, or some people have come in and written out themselves. You will also see a place to sign your name to let others know you were there to pray for them, or that you just spent time with Jesus.
I however, I don’t like to sign in, because I feel like I am putting on a show for someone even though I am the only one there, I want every minute spent with God to be real, and nothing about me or my pride to get in the way.
On the walls on the right you will see sticky notes of all the loved ones who haven’t yet received Jesus into their hearts, and a board of schools and children and teachers to pray for at those schools.
Then you keep walking through and you will pass a curtain and on the other side is a table with a bible and a place to kneel.
To your right you will see a statue of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus.
and on the floor by the window you will see stones that people have written whatever was on their heart, knowing it wouldn’t be lost.

Another time I will share with you ” The Watertower Prayer” that my Pastor had experienced that was the whole reason we have the prayer center in the first place.

So getting back to that statue and what I was saying, I believe it is important to try to vision what it was like during Jesus’s time. Scripture helps a great deal, but after reading it,let the Holy Spirit guide you to that moment.

This is what I saw as just any ordinary person at that time other than me:

I watched my family and friends gather around the Jordan river. John the Baptist, baptized all who were willing. People around me shouted with joy as each person’s head was covered by the sparkling pure water. You would think they were anointed with gold when they walked out of the water; somehow they didn’t look the same.
I wanted in on this I decided. I saw such fullness of joy and happiness from around me that hesitation was really a far thought for me. I started to step forward, and my friend and family cheered for me as I started to make my way up there to John. I was at least 8ft away, when a friend came and stopped in front of me and said, ” Hold on, there is someone we didn’t see that was before you.” I was okay about it, I mean it was just water anyway right?

I stood there at the edge of the water and saw a man that John seemed to know very well; I couldn’t hear their conversation through all the singing and shouts of joy that echoed around me.
The crowd over and over just got more and more excited with each person being baptized; somehow I saw how much more worthy this man was to go before me.

Suddenly, the sun shot through the sky and melted over it until there was no blue, just a bright blinding star.

I covered my face, but peeked out to see what was happening.

John and this man were in a spotlight hosted by the sun.

I thought I heard a loud crack of thunder, but then the it turned into a voice.
” This is my son that I love, I am so very pleased with Him.”

At that moment I felt the very ground beneath me shake and give way, not in a literal sense, but my body couldn’t stand any longer, i fell right to my knees, and worshipped the anointed one.

Who had every right to go before me.

I hope you have a great day my friends. Now I am off to bed:)

Be Blessed:)


3 thoughts on “LSOF: A time and place

  1. what a beautiful picture you’ve painted here Ang. Sometimes, most the time, we get so sidetracked and distracted by the here and now that we fail to remember how it really was when Jesus walked this earth. Can you imagine actually having been there?

    Have a great day beautiful!

    Love ya!

  2. ANgie,
    Love your prayer room there. SOunds great.

    Love the picture you painted. It helped me see it. What would have that been like? So awesome!

    Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas my friend!
    Much love,

  3. Angie, just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas!! I hope your holiday is extra special. Enjoy the time off and bask in Christ’s love!! You are so special to Him. Know that!!

    Much love to you,


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