Who I can identify with…

I was asked to think on for awhile what person that is well-known that I can identify with….
and I revised it from what it said before, because it was asking a deeper question…
See, now that I am where I am now…I have to think about somethings.

5 Yrs from now, where will I be?

5 yrs from now, where will the rest of the world communicators be?

The question posed to me yesterday meeting with Dwight Bain was,

Can I make myself well-known in the next 5 yrs?

And of course my answer was HUH? I never thought of being well-known,
just heard.

But he made the point that Beth Moore may be the only one still teaching in 5 yrs..


He told me it is my calling to be a nationally known communicator in writing and speaking…

But personally, that goes beyond any thought…ME?

Anyway, this is what he had me do.

I had to write who I identified with as a communicator, and why? and what are the differences?
and then I am to research them everyday.

They are in order as who is most like me by personality:

1. Beth Moore: I read her blog almost daily. I love how she uses analogies like I do in helping people understand what she is teaching- she pours out her heart, without sugarcoating it.
Analyzes things around her. All these things will help in my own teaching. She’s also loud like me. Makes people think. And I wouldn’t doubt also has the gift of prophecy:)

Contrast: She’s married with kids, and she is very well-known; so she has to be really careful in how she presents herself daily. I have more room to breathe.

2. Cady Mcclain: Even though she is not all that well-known, what is inspiring to me is her
“free spirit” in her writing. She talks and paints about bizarre things; but things she can’t always find words for; has been criticized for it. But it never changes her. She is who she is whether people like it or not.

Contrast: not much different from me other than beliefs.

3. Nichole Nordeman: Her writing style- so descriptive; teaches through her heart-felt emotion for Jesus; She writes about struggles and imperfections. Stays real always in her lyrics.
” So I put aside the mascarade and admit that I am not okay.”

Contrast: Honestly, only where she lives. I think I could sit down with her and really connect because we are both deep thinkers and writers.

4. Debbie Moenning: She’s always been real with me. Not always told me what I wanted to hear.
But taught me that is how I need to be with people, because the truth will always set us free.
She isn’t one to get up and address a congregation-but her voice is loud in her heart.
She knows just what to say in a few minutes; that will last for a life time.

Contrast: She’s a little more quiet then me, and not quite as social.

Who do you most identify with and why?

2 thoughts on “Who I can identify with…

  1. What a cool post! And exciting to read of how God is leading and guiding you. I’m not sure who I identify with most. I do identify quite a bit with Beth Moore … but I am definitely more comfortable as a writer or as a one-on-one or small group communicator than as a public speaker! (But then, if I remember right, she is, too! ;))

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