LSOF: The Songs about Us

Okay, as I am writing this post, the song, ” Consume Me” by: DC TALK just came on…
and I was just thinking of ” Into Jesus” also by them! WOW. Jesus rocks!!!

I entitle this post, ” The songs about us”, because we all have a song that when we hear it, just ignites something within us:)

I remember when I was a child, and I was wearing my Gummy Bears zip up PJ; I went downstairs to hear my dad playing, ” Money” by Pink Floyd. Even now I can picture the whole scene, he always had music blasting, and bouncing off the walls in the cellar.
It was his little safe haven I suppose. He was probably a little older than I am now, but my family knew music; Aerosmith, Genesis, Jimmy Hendrix, Eagles, Bon Jovi etc…they were all influences of my childhood. I grew up loving music.
And my junior year of highschool; my parents surprised me with Fleetwood Mac tickets.
Classic rock filled my existance.

Something I remember though, from my senior year. I was a Youth, and I remember we all got back real late from Aquire the Fire, so I stayed overnight at my youth counselor Kim and Dan Rathburn’s.

I woke up to hearing, ” Into Jesus” blast through the house, and it was the most amazing sound I have ever heard waking up, because that was the first time I woke up as a Christian.

Most things in life lose their flavor after a day, but this time, it wasn’t something I was just on fire for, but felt just dancing within me; I knew the flavor would last.

I have never shared that memory until today.

You’ve heard me mention that Febuary 3, 2008 will be an amazing day for my church, but for me, personally, those 10 yrs marked my building heart with Jesus.

Through the construction of the building of the church, my heart was being built more each day; and the place I am now, the foundation is so firm that I know completely and truly it isn’t so easy to be broken.

I carry the words and wear the armor daily, and the darts, they still come at me every now and then, but the pain they bring, its not as lasting.

I cry tears of memories, because the journey has been well worth the waited destination.

And even though I doubted it, I know working with the Youth will be the most amazing experience, they are as close to my heart as my Jesus:) and that is where they belong.

I don’t know what the background song of your life is now, but I pray that is one that has helped you on your journey.

And that its been as amazing as mine…

We are going to have church in the building where it all began…with 50 people.

This time we will walk in with over 600….

Jesus ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Oh, and my dear friend Jenny Hope just awarded me….I just love her. If there was anyone I would love to write a book with it would be her….she loves JESUS!!!

So I am suppose to pick 5 people….Hmmm…

Shelly(even though she disappeared from blogworld), Mandy, Bev, Jackie, and Teri:)

3 thoughts on “LSOF: The Songs about Us

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Music really does impact our lives. There are some songs that really inspire me too. They drive me closer to Jesus.
    Much love,

  2. I love music and its influence–when used for His purposes! 🙂 We sang “my song” in church this morning: In Christ Alone. Love it!!

    And congrats on your award! 🙂

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