LSOF: Words in Belief


Its a thursday evening, and I have off from EVERYTHING since about 2pm today…and I will WELL enjoy it:)

Youth last night was amazing, I think BEYOND amazing!

I prayed beforehand reading Daniel 1, and just the whole thing with the believers being taken into captivity.

I asked God to help us to have focus, and remember that He alone is sovereign.

He did SO much more in an answer to that prayer!

The youth pastor never gave the message last night, because we were just so overcome with the Holy Spirit; praise and prayer…its all we could do:)

I then prayed later thinking of the message Beth Moore had, about ” The power of words”;
while I was reading Isaiah 55….this popped out at me.

Isaiah 55: 11
so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

I thought about the Youth, and just people who may or may not believe in Jesus.

Words are powerful. No matter what.

I remember one retreat I went on in youth, and how the leader told the others to be careful of watching emotion with the rest of us, because it didn’t really mean we were ready to accept Christ.

Anyone can cry.

I thought it was pretty harsh to say at first, but looking back, it made a lot of sense.

Unless you can speak up and say what you believe, how is anyone really to know?

How are you to know yourself?

I had a teacher once say to me when I felt I was so out of place and just so depressed,
” Unless you say you are, you won’t be.”

God knows our hearts, that is completely true, but we must speak up.

I love the part in the verse that says, ” It will not return to me empty.”

God knows our thoughts and knows everything about us, read the rest of Isaiah 55, because it talks all about this.

So if He knows us inside and out, and is sure that no word will come back empty, maybe also it means just because someone would go up and say they want to give their heart…

and maybe they don’t seem serious..

We have to say, Its okay, God has it.

Everything has truth to it.

Even when at first you don’t believe it yourself.

If it is spoken, it will be done.

No matter who says it.

Think about it.

So many things that have happened lately, happened because someone spoke up…

Whatever you are going through, or whether you know someone who may not be well right now, maybe someone fighting some sort of addiction….

If they can say there is a problem…

There is where the start of change happens.

Believing comes later.

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