Yes. I know I would be so boring….

I had another Moore dream last night…..this is the third one, but instead of Beth Moore, it was Amanda.

Here are the other two if you haven’t seen them.

Amanda is Beth’s oldest daughter.

It was one of them weird ones, because we never did anything exciting.

Remember I work overnight.

Well, I think she came to my door after I had gotten home in the morning.

But we went out to the store, and I tried to fix something on a register for someone(who knows why!)

and then I remember the background music in the store was, ” Love changes Live” cd by the Pine Ridge Fellowship Praise Team! LOL, that’s awesome:)

So then we went back to my house, which was beyond a mess, (which it is now), and I guess I went and changed to go somewhere, I think she wanted to go to a church or something…

By the way, Houston, Texas in my dream was only an hour away….and in my dream Amanda and her family lived in Florida…

So, she wanted me to go with her to a bible study they were having, and Curt then came to the door I guess waiting on us girls to hurry up so we could go….

well, I think I fell asleep, because I came out of my room,

and they were both gone….

and then I woke up….

Oh well:)

2 thoughts on “Yes. I know I would be so boring….

  1. Funny! I had a very random dream last night, too. 🙂 I’ve dreamed about Beth a few times but never really remembered much about it the next morning.

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