LSOF: Where MY hope comes from…

Hello Siestas, Siestos, Ladies, Gentleman…and whoever I didn’t cover…

I have to share something with you that seemed so profound to me sitting in my ” World Religion” class.

A discussion was brought up about what would happen if there was no religion, no higher power….nothing for anyone to put their belief in…
and the person went on to say, what if we could just co-exist and that be that?

So I raised to question(no surprise there)…
” Okay, if that’s the case, if there was nothing to believe in….then where would our hope come from? “

Of course like 5 hands were raised immediately; and it was so awesome, because at first I thought taking this course would be not a good idea for people to take, because there are so many different ways of looking at religions…

But then after the question was raised today, it was awesome for people to speak up and say so many different things…

One girl said that she wanted to be a Public relations person, and that was the greatest thing for her life, and it would be what got her up in the morning everyday…

But then the question changed, ” What is your purpose, if there was nothing to believe in? You can’t just believe in your job?”

So of course, I tried to lessen the heat a little, and speak about Rachel’s Challenge, that was started after Columbine, and how religion is not the basis of their conferences in schools,because it is in schools….
they teach the students ” Code of Ethics” that Rachel Scott wrote for a class years ago.
In her essay she talked about starting a chain reaction of kindness…

The same student that debated about purpose then said to me, ” You can’t just have a purpose of being nice.”

So nevertheless, it was quite interesting.

The person spoke up to say she believed in God, the creator of the Earth, and that was her purpose; to worship Him.

Now, here’s the thing, the question was based on what if we didn’t have anything to believe in, religion or anything…

I felt a spirit of pride enter the class today, and honestly, you know I believe in Jesus with all my heart and soul, but I do pray this class shakes people that just speak what they believe, just because…

You can say you believe in something, but there is a big difference in saying and knowing what you believe….

My hope comes from Jesus, and living at the depths of the Word, but I also know that to witness to others, we cannot always be quick to shoot down what others have to say…

We need to be open to listening…or they won’t.

Mandy Thompson has a great blog post these last couple weeks, that I think goes along with all this, but Beth Moore’s post on ” Diversity” and then the message at church….all speak loud to me lately:)

I will tell you that I broke down a wall yesterday, with a person who I thought was judging me for the 10yrs I’ve known them, and I held that inside, and now I am a leader like she is, and I forced myself to sit down, and tell her somethings..

I told her that I didn’t believe it was fair to her or I, that I have had this thought of her judging me, without ever knowing the truth, and I told her I knew not knowing, or at least not speaking up would hold all of us back from knowing and receiving the fullness God wants to bless the Youth ministry…

I felt such a rock be removed from my shoulders ladies, I can’t even tell you…

We have an awesome God!

I hope you know it!:)

If you don’t, and you want to know more about Him, just ask:)

Be Blessed:)


2 thoughts on “LSOF: Where MY hope comes from…

  1. When people dont believe in the Lord Jesus I know that their hearts and minds are blind to the truth but I just seriously praise God for opening my eyes so that I can see.
    I can not imagine living without hope in Him. What an awful life you know.

    I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said support all marriages. It made me sick because without one man and one woman which is Gods way you cant have a marriage and there is no pro-creation… the two men that had that on their car were blind to the truth and I prayed that God would open their eyes.

    We are so dead in our sins without Christ and there is no hope apart from Him.

  2. I am sure this class will show you so many things in regards to other people. You are a blessing. You encourage me how you are always reaching out to others. Keep it up!
    Much love,

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