hurts and hang ups….

Beth Moore asked us to write anonymously: and those stories are amazing!
You feel alone in your pain at times, but wow, I am so glad to be apart of a group of siestas that have been where I have…Glory to God!

Here were the questions, and then go to her site and see the responses…they will floor you!

1) What one thing threatens you most with bondage? Try to be specific. If your answer is intimate in nature, then use code language. I’ll get what you’re trying to say.

2) What is your biggest obstacle to living freely and fully in Christ? (Please don’t give the answer you think you’re supposed to give. Really share what you think holds you back.)

I am SO blessed, we have a God that loves and cherishes us….even when we don’t feel it.
I can’t keep the tears from pouring…
I am to my knees.

I love you!

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