My World Religion Critique: " Practicing Oprah; or the Prescriptive Compulsion of Spiritual Capitalism,"

Angie Sarich
World Religion

In the article, “ Practicing Oprah; or the Prescriptive Compulsion of Spiritual Capitalism,” by Kathryn Lofton. It can be determined, that in a common subliminal perceived notion, the Oprah Winfrey Show, with regards to capitalism and spiritualism create nothing, but IDOLISM.

The Oprah Show, “ O” Magazine, and Oprah’s Book Club, are all the ways to
“ Awake” the spirit.

The Oprah Show changed from the genre talk show of: Domestic issues and Jerry Springer, to opening people’s hearts, and evolve the “ Change your life” television.

Oprah would have celebrities and other memorable heroes come on the show and share their story oh how they learned to live a more, “ spiritual life.”

Winfrey explained that, “ everyone was entitled to their own, “ inner revolution”.

According to Lofton, Oprah’s spirituality is about: higher power, spirit, soul,
“authentic power”, meaning, healing, affirmation, helping, miracles, meditation, journaling, and angels. But it is not about: sin, redemption, sacrifice, conversion, humility, worship, holiness, and Jesus Christ.”

Critics have also said her, “ spiritualism” is not about worship of a divinity, but her own.

Beth Moore helps make a great point in spiritualism vs. capitalism, with reference of Psalm 115:5-8.

She speaks that the verse explains our “ American Idol” the dollar bill.

Psalm 115:5-8
“ Has a mouth, that cannot speak, ears that cannot hear, nose that cannot smell.”

Oprah Winfrey has evolved not spiritualism at all, but pure capitalism, where money is the God.

In a sense, to find something worth believing in; you have to pay for it.

Winfrey has stated against her critics that while people think she is talking about “ pie in the sky’ stuff, she is not; She is just trying to help women see and live their lives differently.

The question that could be posed back to Oprah over coffee might be, “ Where did you learn how to live your life the way you teach others?”

A viewer, Katherine Cole states, “ The show is like a church, but a bad church, with no God, instead of God, God is Oprah.”

The truth of it all is, God cannot be placed in a box, He cannot be defined, and neither can faith for that matter.

Picking and choosing what you like or don’t like about faith, is the foundation of spiritualism, and more and more it is what is beginning to define our nation.

We pick and choose everything up to the point that we believe we have found the true secret to life; Do what you want, when you want, no matter what it costs.

We have created our own idols.

This leads into the “ O” magazine. Every issue has a calendar to help, “ schedule” your time for spiritual revolution.
Each day will give you a task, such as journaling, but along with the task you will find a
The item also adds a quote by Oprah herself,
For example, when the task of writing spirit is at hand for the day you will find this,
“ Each sheet of paper is handmade, and the quill pen somehow makes writing more interesting.”
Next to her quote you will see a price tag for the journal and pen, from $24-58 dollars.
Items easily found at a Dollar Store, or local Wal-Mart.

One thing where Oprah’s spirituality vs. Christianity is that you need, “ props” to get your, “ inner revolution”. Do you need a journal and pen, or a special one at that, to speak to God? No.

Christianity is the only religion where God seeks man, yet people go on this never ending search for “ more” to life.

The “ O” magazine honestly may just be a cover like JCPenneys spring catalogue or Victoria’s Secret.
You would not see Alessandra wearing lingerie and telling you that life would be better if you bought the new bra, or fragrance; so why listen to Oprah?

In society, we have taken God out of everything, but I think it is important that we take everything away, until God is the only thing left.

We are expected to raise our children with morals and values from temporary ploys of help; what sort of foundation can we find in materialistic view of spiritualism?

2 Corintians 4:18

“ So we fix our eyes on not what is seen, but what is unseen, For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen, is eternal.”

People expect results to be handed to them, we have evolved in such a spoiled spiritual society, and it is clear it is built on the American Idol, money has become the center of everything.

It is not enough that Oprah has created her own capitalistic dynasty, but she has brought it into the political spotlight, standing by side or Barak Obama.

“ Change you can believe” is the slogan for his political race, but what sort of change can happen with Oprah’s endorsement?

I encourage you to read Kathryn Loftons scholarly journal on, “ Practicing Oprah: or the Prescriptive Compulsion of Spiritual Capitalism, because she has many explicit and honest point about the world of Oprah Winfrey, and she begs the question, “ Can it be stopped?”

I enjoyed this article; it was a unique perspective to what we all must have thought subconsciously at one point in our day.

2 thoughts on “My World Religion Critique: " Practicing Oprah; or the Prescriptive Compulsion of Spiritual Capitalism,"

  1. I put an Oprah blurb on my blog and wouldn’t you know it it was the first time my sis read my blog and she was offended by it. Oprah is a sore subject in more ways than one. Great post!

  2. “A viewer, Katherine Cole states, “ The show is like a church, but a bad church, with no God, instead of God, God is Oprah.”

    That is so true! It’s a bit scary to see how much influence she has (including over a lot of Christians who really admire her!).

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