LSOF: " From the outside Looking in"

LSOF: “ From the Outside Looking in”

You might recognize the title of this post, because it is a song title by Mandy Thompson.
As I was sitting here, and was thinking of everything that has happened over the last 6 months,
It is something clear to say.
I’m finally on the outside of all of it.

Something I want to say. None of us have it together. We are not expected to.
We are expected to strive for excellence.

1 Corinthians 1:26( the message) is one that speaks so clear to my heart.
You may know that I am engaged to be married, and my whole world has taken such a transition
through it.

The important part I want to get to though, leads from the picture on the upper left of this blog.
It is a picture in the sand of a heart with Jesus written inside.

Something occurred to me recently, I may have drawn it in the sand with my hand, but God was writing His signature through me.

I remember when I wrote it out. A lady stopped and stood over me, and asked, “ Who do you love?”
And I answered, “ I love Jesus.”
I told her I wrote it out because I was taking some pictures, I am a picture taking fanatic lately
She asked if there was anything she could do to help me. I told her no, but I appreciated her asking.

What occurs to me now, I wouldn’t have understood then.

We don’t quite realize it, but eventually if we really look back, we can see God’s footprints in everything we thought we would never get through.
We see His greater purpose.
I was telling Debbie at church the other day that God’s plans always happen eventually, it is when He breaks us sometimes, that we can actually see it.

I was at the airport once awhile back, and I remember I was writing a poem or something, and an old woman came and sat next to me, and though I barely remember the conversation, she told me it is better to be an angel to the world, then to send them.

Its crazy how at the hardest points in our lives that we remember to serve, and then remember ourselves.

The person at my job I told you about, for three weeks, she has been going through something, but out of character, I took it personal, and ignored her, and was just not who I should have been.

God quickly used a message on “ Conflict” to make me see the light.
Regardless, we have to remember who we are in Christ, all times and seasons.
But its hard, when you don’t know if it will even be received.
Things changed when I quit worrying if it would.

I am not close to this person anymore, but I am her sister in Christ, and I will treat her the way God has asked me to; we are all poor in spirit, and we can’t blame others for their behavior.

Afterall, you can’t see what you are going through until you are out of it.
To be a life empowered means, to put aside the things of this world, the things that are meaningless in the moment, and press on to the place God has for us.
“ And on this rock I will build my church” Peter was asked to start the church, and Jesus refered to him
In Greek translation, as the “ rock”.

We have a special engagement God has asked us to accomplish, and we can’t do it if we are not focused on what it important.

For me, its sitting home for 2 weeks, because I can’t go anywhere but walk to work, gas prices are too high and I just paid rent.
Instead of my focus being that I can’t do anything, I am taking the time of peace and quiet, and
Seeking God.

He has a purpose in everything, and more and more is that becoming clear to me.

Even the political race. I voted for Hillary Clinton, but I know regardless God will place who He wants in office that will fulfil prophecy for this time.
She is nevertheless an amazing, and strong woman, and example to so many in America.

So much is changing. I’m excited to start a whole different life, one more solid, one more real then
The life I had before 27 yrs old.
When life is solid, things are easier to figure out more.

Dreams and aspirations, are not such a far thought because you figure out,
What it will take to get there.

We are not dreamers, we are overcomers, and God sees everything.

Give everything, with out expecting anything.
Believe me. It will prove worth it.

I asked my friend to help me be accountable to tithing at church, its okay to do that, because
We all our at different parts of our walk, and in that aspect I haven’t yet really started to give
When it comes to money.
But I know God has compelled me to change that.

So for the moment, there is what I have learned so far.

None but Jesus. Every moment. Or at least, as much as possible.

In the end, He is still ALL that matters.

Be Blessed


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