Poem: Step Forward

Step Forward
By: Angie Sarich

There is so much that I want for you.
At the simplest things, sunshine on your face, clear blue skies…
And the more difficult; seeing inside yourself, and knowing who you are,
Can always strive to be more, and carry more hope on your shoulders.
I’ve been there.
Step lightly on every possibility, because taking the risk no matter
How unsteady it might seem, is worth more
Than the step not taken.
I wish for you a life where you can be proud of who you are,
And that you are able to teach others, and direct them,
Or where to turn next.
God is so amazing, and everything above everything,
Is possible; lean on that, trust that.
The road is not easy, it gets steeper, but it also
Has moments where it is okay to stop and rest,
And gather your thoughts.
Follow the voice of your heart, it will guide you
Through anything, if you give it a chance.
But the strongest advice I can give.
To walk close to God, not further up,
And not further back;
Just keep the pace.
I am pretty sure that is all He really expects.
We are the ones that make everything so hard,
I picture Him just watching ahead, or turning back,
To see us struggling, and stumbling.
As just like our own mom and dad,
He will just hesitate where He stands,
And see what we plan on doing next,
See if we will use the knowledge
He has given us.
Step forward,
Step onward,
Step without all out stumbling,
Step with Him,
And step with dignity.

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