LSOF: People of Grace: Observed

I realized this is like the 5th post on GRACE…wow Lord:)

LSOF: People of grace: the watch

I’m sitting here listening to an audiobook with Mark. My cat, Boo, is sitting on the floor by the computer.
A trash truck goes by the window.
I notice my cat. She sees the big thing with large sound go by the window. I watch the fear in her eyes.
But then she looks right at me. She wanted to see my reaction. She wanted to know if she had any reason to be afraid.

I realize that is just my cat I am talking about, but putting it in a different context, it is very true in how people see us in daily life.

First thing first, it doesn’t matter how much faith you think you have, you are being watched,
And it doesn’t matter how much faith someone has in front of you, you are watching them, observing them, and learning from them; the good and bad.

Do we really pay attention to the fact we are in the spotlight everyday?

It used to really upset me when I was working at the daycare center as a teenager. I would work from opening to closing, pretty much everyday, and the same kids would be there the entire time.

I can understand work schedules, but when parents who are on vacation, don’t spend it anytime with their children, and keep them at the daycare, from morning until close, to me it says that parent may not value that child as much as their own life, and it teaches that child, that they are not important.

They later grow up, believing that. I know this, because some of those of kids, I’ve seen since.

What I’m getting at is that when it comes to how we act as believers, we need to realize it isn’t something to put on the backburner, and face when we come home from work, school or wherever, it is something to face daily.

I personally struggle with that, working in a secular enviorment. The music at night is turned off, and all you can hear around is somebody gossiping about something, or complaining.

It takes everything I have, to keep my mouth shut, and to ignore the atmosphere around me.

I go in, I get my job done as quickly as possible, and then I go help a friend who I know won’t get help from anyonelse, because they aren’t liked. Its pathetic, and I know I will be walking into a complete stressful situation, but I take a deep breath, and start helping.

Just because you don’t like a mood someone is in, you can’t change them, you can’t change how they think and feel at that direct moment.

What you can do, is just be you.

We are not an island to ourselves, we are called to live in the world, but live above it spiritually.

Honoring God in the little things, as my Pastor said once, means even in the times we feel its just easy to be human. And join the crowd. Even then.

Its very difficult to find Christians in this area I live in, because I don’t know anyone other than the people I work with, few people in Daytona, and everyonelse is in Deltona.

I went to lunch with a few friends I know in Daytona. I love them. They are both in college, and struggling to pay their bills just like me.

Yet, they love to shop, they buy designer everything at $100 a pop easily. Max Azria I think is one of the designers…my momma would cry if she saw the prices on those clothes! I was brought up on Kmart, Ross, Walmart…and maybe once a year I would get a shirt or something from the mall.

I understand my life is different, but this is where I firmly can sing to my soul, “ On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand, All Other Ground Is Sinking Sand.”- Because God has raised me through my parents to know that having less is closer to Godliness; you can appreciate what you have, because you spend what you know you can, you save for it.

I realize there are some of you out there that maybe have been raised differently, and I’m not trying to be judgemental, I am just standing from where I am, and looking out.

If you have found that living with money has made life better for you, and closer to God, then cool, but from where I am, and who I know, it only has made life harder.

I don’t buy anything more than coffee or lunch when I am with them, because I feel like if I buy something more, that they feel like they got me to do it. In reality, that would be true.

I guess Grace could even be said as something that reminds us to stand our ground.

Hebrews 13:2

” Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so, some have entertained strangers without knowing it.”

For now I leave you with the thought..and I wonder if ” entertain” would mean something along the lines of ” sharing God’s grace” with a stranger….

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