A moment before night…

The title may sound a little creative, but its really not, it means what it says, I’ll write a little and then ” goodnight”

I just got back from a fabulous ” Living Beyond Yourself” study with a group of ladies from First United Methodist New Smyrna:)

I walked in and found a group of ladies making earrings, so I sat down with them, and in my grogginess thought I would try it.

I asked what they were making them for, and they said to sell to help raise money for the wells in Africa.

A group of 4 ladies out to change the world right in front of my eyes:)

I was a little hesitant in going after my whole Kingdom Hall experience, because I think people might be just trying to get me to ” join”, instead of share in the love of Christ.

Not so with these ladies, the love of Christ was all over them, or Beth Moore would say its ” ONYA”

I enjoyed talking to them, and I look forward to my next study.

Disclaimer: I am not leaving my church, and I have made that clear, but with gas being so expensive I needed to find a way to get connected in this area.

I told the Pastor’s wife about my church, and how many years I had been there, and she said, ” I bet its definitely home to you then.” and I felt a tear kinda form in my eye.

Home. Yes. It is.

Home away from God’s home…until He comes!

Thank you ladies for the sweet welcome! and Onya!

Living Beyond Myself,


One thought on “A moment before night…

  1. That is special. That sounds like a good time. I love to be around people like that.
    Much love,

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