Something quick to add in watching out for Mama Siesta…

I wanted to let you know I stumbled across that email today when I was checking through my google alerts. How I couldn’t tell you.

I will just say that it isn’t the most horrible email, but it is something I can understand could be taken out of context severely.
And I can understand why it was something of a concern.

If you get an email saying it is from a Beth who attended Deeper Still GA, just know it isn’t Beth Moore, and delete it.

You would be able to tell, if you read through, because it obviously is someone who says they attended the conference, but I can see how people are quick to jump to conclusions.

Again, just wanted to add that about the email story on LPM.

I love all my siestas, and we stand strong together to defeat the lies of the Enemy!

Be Blessed:)


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