Okay, so I never really do a random post, but this time I thought I would:

– First off. Ephesians 2, seems to be more than I can chew, so I am getting a commentary from my Pastor on the ministry of Paul. So its in the works, and will be coming soon!

– Prayer for the Siesta Fiesta are much needed. (www.siestafiestablog.blogspot.com)
SO many siestas are going through spiritual attacks of all kinds, and we need to come together and pray! I am not going to it, but these ladies got everything they needed to go out there to San Antonio, and Beth Moore and Living Proof Ministries, have worked themselves to the bone to put it together, GOD WILL HAVE THE GLORY!!!
So please just keep praying for everyone going, and their families at home. I know Jenny Hope’s family is having a rough time, and also Leigh. But I am sure many others.

– I has something cool happen today. I was at mom’s opened a drawer with my book,
” The Five Love Languages: For Singles” today. I almost, almost picked it up. But was like, nah.
Well, then I was watching TV, and mind you I haven’t even looked at the book in 2 yrs…
Joyce Meyer had a whole program on the book alone! INSANITY!

So God’s just awesome like that…

I do have a Word ladies though, because I know He is saying it to more than just me…
We need to remember to walk in love…all the days of our lives, and in all circumstances that happen in our lives. People are gonna be mean, words are gonna fly that we don’t mean…but keep your heart in it, be considerate of who people are and what they are about. And don’t expect them to meet you at your level.

God is teaching me this with a friend of mine I’ve mentioned before. While we can’t communicate out of work due to her religion, we exchange normal movies and just have found a way somehow for God to be apart of that relationship, without ever preaching anything. I love Him SO for that:)

Alright, gots to get ready for work:) Love you all SOOOOO much ! You bring a smile to my face daily!!!


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