Coming out of the storm….

The title is literal.

Tropical Storm Fay started by hitting the FL Keys, then through Ft. Myers and across the state, hitting NASA and Melbourne area hard for 3 days…and all the while we had the storm over us since tuesday…and its raining now, but the wind has finally died down…streets we normally travel to get to places…are closed.
It was the most miserable time…

But here is the interesting part: Where does God fit in?

I say that, because:

I was originally supposed to be going to the Siesta Fiesta…and I had to cancel going due to finances…so, instead I paid for a train ticket to Savannah for the same weekend to visit my friend Nicole…I get a phone call two days before to Nicole telling me she is unable to have me come up because her boss had to go on leave, and she is the only one to cover…and not only that, even if I was going, the train canceled the routes out of the area due to the Tropical Storm…

So I am on vacation now…and what a vacation so far it has been.

Where does God fit in? Its just a question, in time I know I’ll get an answer too…
but goodness…He definitely didn’t want me going anywhere for this vacation…

I love Him though, and His plans are best:)

Be Blessed:)


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