PRAISING GOD…and A tribute to my mom :)

I decided I would write what I sent my friend in a letter that sounded much like a blog post:)

Forgive me if this starts to sound like a blog post(LOL!)
I just have to tell you how amazed I am with God; how He baffles me, and makes me throw my hands up in the air- and then shows me the ” why”.
It is as if He is whispering to me as I have my back turned saying,
” My child if you would only listen…”
I’ve learned that as much as He surprises me is as much as He doesn’t, because there are signs in every situation; whether or not we catch them is up to us.
I’ll tell you, I don’t pray everyday, or get in the Word everyday, but I know I am deep in my faith now. So much that sometimes I want to pinch myself to make sure its real. It is my friend.
I’ve learned that after taking the first few steps backward, the first couple forward can bring so much heartache, but its all worth it, because it can always only get better:)
I’m telling you all this because my one major prayer was answered- Mom came to church with me on Sunday:)
10 yrs…and she has never stepped foot on the property- I KNOW IT WAS A MIRACLE!!!

I was supposed to meet Beth Moore and all my siestas in TX; Financially I couldn’t make it happen, then I decided to go see Nicole in GA.
Two days before I was supposed to go, she tells me that her boss had to go on leave, and she had to cover.
NOT ONLY THAT…but then there is T.S Fay..that made the destruction of the vacation

BUT…Both places I was going to go to wouldn’t have had me back until today…
and church was YESTERDAY…See what I mean?

God knew the WHY in all of it all along:) I PRAISE HIM SO MUCH!!!

Love you all:) ang

4 thoughts on “PRAISING GOD…and A tribute to my mom :)

  1. I love this!!! Sometimes when we are in the moment when things arent going as we planned we tend to get frustrated, but when it comes full circle we are just amazed!! I love when God chooses to do this kind of thing, makes it all the more exciteing!!

    surfed over from LPM

  2. Wow, Angie!! What a cool thing. God has it all under control doesn’t He? So, although I missed you in SA, I’m so glad your mom went to church with you. What a miracle.

    Love ya,

  3. Angie,
    Isn’t it just wonderful how God works these things out? Always for good…always for good.

    I’ll be praying for you and your Mama. What a blessing!

    I am sorry we didn’t meet in San Antonio, although looks like we already know many of the same Siestas, I saw your pics with Jan – aka: Georgia Jan. Jan and I shared praise, prayers and hugs in SA as well as discovered our birthdays are 1 day apart in month and year. More information than you wanted I’m sure :). I look forward to meeting you in the flesh at some point soon.
    God Bless you!

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