Sometimes its just hard to begin..

I wish I was the girl that would blog everyday like I want to, and how it comes so easy to Tam- Inprogressand Mandy-Just a girl, they blog everyday, but me, I just don’t feel like its meaningful enough, unless I spend days preparing..I don’t know.

I know I am at the 2nd chapter of Ephesians, and I just bought Beth Moore’s ” To Live Is Christ” so it would help me in the research…and I am beyond excited to learn more..but have you ever been so excited that you couldn’t even dig in? That’s how I feel, I want to open to the bible, and find all the amazing things God has to share with me…but then its the part that’s its unknown that bothers me…
I am ready for it…I am ready to dig in…but its kinda like looking at the water…you wonder if its cold, and how cold and how much colder it would be other than just tapping your toe in the surface…

so that’s how I feel at the moment…what about you, can you relate?

8 thoughts on “Sometimes its just hard to begin..

  1. there have definitely been times when i can relate…

    my suggestion…for what it is or isn’t worth…is to start by asking God to show you something fresh and new…that way you know it’s going to be awesome you don’t have to wonder, there’s a great expectancy there…then just “dive” in…

  2. JM: Welcome:) Thanks for stopping in;)
    I don’t know why I wonder..I guess I’m just weird…its the whole thing of the unknown, but I totally get what you mean, and I NEED to be looking towards God on this thank you!

  3. I mean like I want to really get into what I’m doing, I don’t want to just scratch the surface, but dig deeper…and sometimes it just doesn’t come that easily…

  4. Can i relaaaaatte…..?

    here’s something i can say because i need to learn also… if it comes ‘easy’ – it probably wasn’t really worth doing.

    What ‘seems’ easy to others generally comes about because of lots and lots of effort and not infrequently a lot of planning and forethought. ‘Easy’ takes patience and diligence and a whole bunch of related stuff.

    i don’t say this to put you ‘off’ but perhaps to offer another perspective than one which might otherwise prevent you from making ‘progress’.

    Nor says to ‘just let go and be’ which , while great advice and seemingly simple is somewhat akin to you jumping in the waters ‘untested’ by your toe… except that that merely requires a deal of courage and little else in the way of preparation and only you are directly affected by what you do when you ‘jump’.

    But i suspect you have a ‘problem’ there – this may or may not be partially about finding the ‘courage’ but you, like me perhaps, don’t want to do the ‘wrong’ thing and be responsible for misleading others (as well as yourself maybe) because of your ‘jumping right in’?

    my advice? it’s free and so probably worth exactly what you pay for it ;-)…

    begin by going with something you love – you feel PASSION for. If you have a passion it is generally true to the Spirit and what you have to share will be what He wants others to know ‘about’ you – your Heart.

    Go with your Heart and let your mind sort of come along for the ride to make sure you don’t lose the ‘plot’ – completely! 😉

    and don’t be too afraid – or let too much of an (your own) ego come into what you write/have to say.

    See if you can keep the ‘focus’ in Him.

    and what Mandy, Jim and Nor said – BE ‘you’ – the real you inside.

    Remember – You are blessed.


  5. Wow…Love that was amazing…thank you!
    and you pretty much hit the nail on the head with all of it:)
    Praise God for Love…no pun intended!

    Be Blessed:)


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