LSOF: God Chasing…not wind chasing

The sun was so bright against my face. From all around me I could hear little sounds of adolescence.
We were sitting there, waiting for the doors to open. I am sure we must have taken 15 pictures each of every person that attended the conference….boredom was a small understatement.
We were gathered around in this semi-circle, just being us. The way our age was supposed to act.
Just then, one of the leaders stood up. ” Our God is an awesome God, He reigns forever above…”
he sang at the top of his lungs, and we couldn’t help but join in. If we didn’t his enthusiasm would probably have drowned us.
When we finished singing, and being goofy, it was a little calmer. Nick, that same leader. He told us that he had received a vision of something. I was still pretty young, so hearing anyone had seen a vision made me think, ” loco”.
But still, we heard him out.
” I have a vision of starting a youth outreach.” We were like, ” Okay, that’s cool.”
He also told me specifically that I had a special anointing, even though I didn’t know it.
I brushed that off my shoulder…
Well, so we were getting the outreach together. We planned bands, dramas, just anything youth oriented in our small city.
I emailed some artists, ” Tammy Trent, Out Of Eden, Whisperloud….” and others, just out of the blue just telling them what we were doing and if they might want to give a concert….and they came.
It was also around the time that I got to know the radio djs…Nick was right, for that time and place.
I had been anointed to be apart.
One of my dramas was performed as well…which inspired other churches to do.
But in all the while, one conversation I had with a friend during that time always brings me back to being seriously amazed at God.
She told me I was a God chaser. I’d rather be. Because chasing the wind. Is chasing materialism, and is someone who gets caught up in the pride this world burns hearts with.

But we all have a time and place for God to use us in something major….and I know I’ve been apart of some major things, that to me never seemed as though…but that’s the point. Nothing is major next to God.

We are anointed to our calling. Point blank.

I’m no longer involved with YEC, but it still is cool to see how far they’ve come.
I helped God plant a seed.

For my own life, I believe that God is calling me to write a book, a bible study perhaps at some point.
I am in the process of it. Because before I write anything, I need to know and believe truly in what I am talking about.

The wrong words, whether or not we realize it. Can bring someone heartache. So I always want to make sure that the words are Holy Spirit inspired, and not of me.

I don’t plan on being the next Beth Moore, or Joyce Meyer…I plan on being the girl God wants me to be. I’ve succeeded at being me so far….now I need to let God take me deeper.

Be anointed,


2 thoughts on “LSOF: God Chasing…not wind chasing

  1. sometimes it’s easier for me to figure out where i’m going if i pay attention to where i’m coming from. does this make sense? you just spent a post remembering… remembering… recounting. it’s good. it helps us figure out where we’re going.

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