Fallen to Rise: A poem I wrote the day after 9-11-01

Fallen To Rise

By: Angie Sarich

People of America

Will stand strong

For the passion of the country

Hand and hand.

We will not perish by fear.

Our hearts will be in

The grasp of the Lord always.

Children will only see through crisis

The twinkling stars in the sky.

Our minds will only focus on

The miracles God will send

In weeks, months, years to come.

You must hold close to all you love

And care for dearly

And the Lord will listen to your prayers

And provide you with comfort.

He will bring strength to all weakness.

The President and Officials will

Be showered by wisdom

Jesus will keep His hand on them

Wipe the tears from their eyes,

And guide them.

We are not alone.

Remember the cross

And remember the thorns

That were pierced into the head

Of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

For we are facing the same now;

But in the end,

The Lord will bring back the smiles

To our face

And the sunlight,

To our eyes.

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