LSOF: Memories

I was talking to a friend the other day about my faith since a child.

It has since got me really thinking back…and they were good memories.

I remember just lying in bed sometimes at night, and looking out the window at the stars, for HOURS! It was just a silent conversation with God and I….
I remember laying down on the ground looking at the clouds and thinking I was staring right into heaven, and that the shapes I saw, that only I knew what they were; somehow were secrets God was showing me of His kingdom!
I would sometimes just sit quietly in my bedroom…and just listen. Sometimes He spoke, sometimes He just listened with me…
When I would get upset with my parents, or something horrible would happen(in the mind of a child),
I would often look up at the ceiling with a huge smile, and look down at the floor in a mean frown.
I remember I would be playing with my tire swing outside, and turn upside down, and talking to God as I was doing it…
I remember I would do these little pretend interviews, or pretend I was lawyer or something, and I knew even then that He was there…that He saw my every performance,
that He still does…
He always was so close to me…it brings tears to my eyes to really think back that far…
to know that He was there…through everything….
to know He is still here….through anything…
He is truly the great I AM.

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