LSOF: Reflecting

As water reflects a face,
       so a man’s heart reflects the man. (Proverbs 27:19)


I have missed you all SOOO much! I was forced into a slight sabatical the last few weeks, but I am BACK!

I just had my license redone.  You may insert the GASP!?! if you would like.
I am 28 yrs old as of tomorrow…my license picture…was taken when I was 17!
(I was able to renew online in 02′)

I woke up the other day thinking about the pictures though.

The difference in the photos…it was pretty shocking.
But it wasn’t about the AGE, as it was the appearance.

Every friend who I showed both license photos too…all said the same thing;
” The new picture seems to show someone ” content”, it seems like you are comfortable in your own skin, confidence, and maturity…”

I never expected such responses.

But it would be a reflection of my life now. Who I AM now.

A lot of things have changed in the background of this blog. New experiences, and new challenges, things I have let go of to get to the place I am now..

and ALL OF IT, ALLLL OFFF ITTT…is to glorify God. Make it less about me and MORE about Him.

I have a deeper respect for the life God has given me. I am more humble and obidient to His plan then I ever was in my life. I am more modest in how I dress and act around the public. I have just come to realize that..

The 1st photo picture…it was taken when I was 17yrs old. I was SO lost, I was so insecure. I was far from being humble, or knowing what it even meant. I had problems with authority, I had no respect for myself, or others. I was depressed, confused, walked around wounded 24/7…and reaching out for SOMETHING to believe in, SOMETHING to help me out of the mess of my life.

At 17 I met faith FACE TO FACE.

I had known who God was since I was a child, but I never saw His reflection until that year.

So this girl. She was scared of even breathing…wondering if she even did that wrong.

WOW. I have certainly grown in leaps and bounds.

In my life now, I have a better group of friends, that motivate me, encourage me, and keep me accountable. I have a better relationship with my family. I am focused with school, and at work recently the other night I was praised by my manager, and it wasn’t even said to me, it was said to a friend of mine.

In every direction, God has made my life more real, and worth living.

One day this world will come and an end, but He has shown me there are great treasures here for us to all savor and enjoy as we wait.

I have to just give a little thought here, because this is something that changed my whole perspective on how I even prayed…

When you pray, do you worry about how you pray? Do you worry about saying too much, or not enough, are you worried about you ” HEART” being completely in it?

Let me tell you this. JUST PRAY. Anything that hinders us in praying, isn’t healthy to our spiritual walk. I actually found out, wondering and thinking of HOW I was doing it, actually made idolism to the thought rather than God. I hope that makes sense.

Reflecting is a good thing. Just as sure as you know that reflecting is POSITIVE thoughts, and how to strive to be better from where you are now.

I promise you, you will see a change that comes on like a tidal wave to your personality.

I am so excited for you to try it, and to finally find the reflection God gave you, instead of the one you have had for yourself.

Little steps my friend.

Little Steps of Faith:)

Tomorrow I’ll be older and wiser:)

Be Blessed:)


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