A Poem Analysis

My friend Rebecca had to do an poetry analysis for her English class…you know me I am all about English, so I didn’t hesitate to provide one of my own interpretations:)

Ask Me
(Author unknown)

Sometimes when the river is ice, Ask me.

(When your life takes a turn for the worst, ask me my story,
and see what it would have been like to walk in my shoes,
I can surely tell you that your problems could not compare.)

Mistakes I have made. Ask me whether
what I have done is my life.

( Things I have done, or said that brought shame to a place inside me,
do you believe it became my lifestyle, or do you think I rose above it?)

have come in their slow way

( People have tried to provide a quick solution for me, but in the end their help was only temporary, and my issues burdened them; and some their own burdens became too much to worry of mine.) -(The depression?)

into my thought, and some have tried to help

or to hurt- ask me what difference

their strongest love or hate has made.

(Did what they say or do affect who I am inside?)

I will listen to what you say

( You can try to provide solutions to my issues all you want,
I can find joy in humoring you. ” I understand..blah blah.”

You can turn and look

( Or you too can just keep quiet and for once try not to provide the solution,
for yours or my life.)

at the silent river and wait. We know

the current is there, hidden; and there
( Life goes about its twists and turns, we never know which way it will take us,
but regardless, we go with it.)

are comings and goings from miles away

that hold the stillness exactly before us.
( Eventually, we will find peace.)

What the river says is what I say.

( Our experiences create who we are.
fate will always interfere on its own.)

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