LSOF: Miracles do still happen

I decided I would write a post after speaking with a good friend of mine.

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you would know I have a friend, Nicole, who I met while at Night of Joy in 2001.  We were both standing in the frontrow listening to Rebecca St. James on stage.

I also met her friends Lori, and Shannon. Nicole was invited by Lori to go from GA to FL to this event.
Nicole wasn’t a Christian.

It was always so interesting to me that over the years it wasn’t Lori and Shannon that I stayed close contact with, but Nicole.

She came to visit me in 2006, and a couple months after that, I remember her telling me her mom was diagnosed with Chrons Disease, just like my mom.

However, my mom is 51 yrs old, and has had the illness since she was 23yrs. Her body though she has gone through so much suffering; this last year it went into remission. That means no part of it can be found in her system.

Nicole’s mom is still dealing with it though, to the point that last night I cried with Nic on the phone, she was preparing to say her goodbyes.

Her mom has had her immune system so messed up from the Chrons.

A couple years ago, her heart started on working at 20%, and she lived through that, but then a couple weeks ago, I got a phone call from Nicole.

Apparently, her mom was having some pain in her stomach, and they found 3 anurisms, 2 there, 1 in her leg.

During check up, she crashed, vital signs everything….and then she was comatose.

She had a surgery yesterday, and didn’t have oxygen to her brain I think for 30 min.

Last night, Nicole was told that they were going to take away the breathing tube…

I prayed hard last night, its not something I would usually tell on the blog, and I know I wasn’t the only one praying… I prayed specifically that the Lord’s WILL would be done.

This morning Nicole called me to say that her mom is awake.


I know this Christmas is a rough one for all of us, but remember we have a God that loves us and sees our pain. The CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, can see us right this moment, He can feel with us, and cry with us…His heart is breaking for any of us who are at an ending point right now, who feel like they aren’t sure what to do next. He is a God that PROVIDES. Jehovah-Rafa.- And HE WILL DO JUST THAT!

Do not lose heart my friends:)

If you could keep praying for Nicole and her mom I would really appreciate it:)

Be Blessed:)



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