Perfect Ten:) Random and fun!

I got this idea from my friend Cynthia, a very sweet woman of God who I have known for years:)
She was raised a Catholic like me, and went on to thirst for more of HIM! She has had her ups and downs like all of us, but if there was a word to describe her it would be, Ms. Perseverance:) Oh yes:)
James 1 girlie…all the way!

Anyway…here is the game:)

Perfect Ten

Ok Folks, this is it….The New Year is coming. Once again we’ll each find ourselves sucked into playing “Resolutions” (or another name for the same game: Stuff I really, truly want and wish to accomplish this year…once again….maybe….if I try really really hard and just focus..maybe).

But NOT this year! No, this year the Round Robin Question Game is going to be:

Your Perfect Ten:
This is what you’ve gotta do…

List 5 things you have already done in your lifetime that were “huge” or “profound” or “awe-inspiring”. Something that may not have seemed very important at the time but as you look back on it now you even find yourself thinking, “Wow! I did that?! Man, I’m a bit impressed!”…. (oh, and don’t list off the 5 names of your 5 kids, or 5 animals.)

Next, list 5 things you still would like to accomplish/do in your lifetime. Five things that will make you feel as though you have lived your life as a PERFECT 10!…

List of LSOF’s 5 DONES:)

1. I was an Peer Editor for an online English course. I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time, but looking back being a student who helped a teacher create a course, it was pretty profound thing for a teenager to do.

2. I was a moderator for Rachel’s Challenge message board: I never saw at the time how much of an impact just making sure the board stayed appropriate to the subject matter. I have met some really wonderful people from across the world, who through the board I got to see how much love they had for God in their struggles as young people. We also had some adults apart of it as well. It was just a fun board, kinda like blogworld, where there were no strings attached, you were accepted no matter who you were, or where you came from. We of course had our ” interesting ” people, but I really do say I was blessed to really have been apart of the leadership of it.

3. I was apart of Youth Explosion For Christ. I helped anyway that I could. I actually emailed some of the Christian artists, and had them write me back in person to let me know they were interested in coming to do a free concert, or close to free for the Youth of the area. We had Tammy Trent, Out Of Eden, Scarecrow and Tinman, Rebecca St. James…and more come to our little area of Deltona. It was exciting to have seen God just explode an idea put on someone’s heart:) I wrote a few dramas the kids performed…being young at the time, you don’t realize really how much of a difference you are making until you look back years later.

4. I create this blog. Never would I have realized how much of a life it would take on its own. Interesting to know something said by little me could make a real difference in someone’s life:) I just love how God works:)

5. I have stood my ground in all kinds of situations over the years, at the time I was insecure and scared of the outcome but looking back, and knowing I did the right thing in my own heart…it really makes the tears cried in that time worth it:)

Things I have yet to do:

1. I want to know the bible from beginning to end, I want to know the timeline, an I want to learn Greek and Hebrew translation.

2 I want to write a book of ” Little Steps Of Faith” filled with poetry and my devotionals, and share it with the world for as little as I could afford:)

3. I want to finish school and meet my degree of being that teacher who I couldn’t be as a teenager. I want to be the one teaching, instead of the one who had to be taught:) Can’t wait for that part to end so much:)

4. I want to be a loyal friend, and a person in general, who trusts people that are close to me, and not think so much that their are other motives. Sometimes people can actually love and accept you just as you are.

5. I want to learn to paint, so I can paint what I see in my mind, and do more than just write it into words.
Writing is cool, but it would be so much easier if I could just paint what I see:)

Okay your turn:)
I tag Rachel: Living the blessed life, Tam: In Progress, Mandy:, Jenny Hope,
but any of you are welcome to do this on your blog:)

Be Blessed:)


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