25 things that make me smile…from the archives:)


Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Things that make me smile….:-)

I love this list on Abby’s site, so I thought I would write my own…:) and then TAG someone:)

Things that make me smile…(quite random)

1. sounds of acoustic guitar
2. children
3. Praise music
4. God’s presence
5. My blog siestas
6. Beth Moore’s ” hairbrush” story
7. Thinking of where I came from, to where I am now
8. caravanilla latte’
9. cheesecake
10. Listening to my best friend sing, ‘ Greatest Love of All”
11. Great writing
12. Chick flicks
13. Footprints poem
14. stuffed shells
15. driving with the top down in mom’s mustang
16. Remembering my mountain trip with my friend Kit
17. The story of Joan of Arc
18. Church on sundays
19. The Word
20. My cross necklace my grandparents gave me.
21. canolis!
22. raindrops falling on leaves
23. Accomplishing a hard goal
24. Teaching
25. Living

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