So I am supposed to write something…

I have been challenged by some people of blogworld, to write my book…to finally get through it, and breathe in that sweet essence of accomplishment..

I thought I would add the actual history of my writing….It started in a Creative Writing class, it was beginning to develop then, but took off shortly after…

My teacher, Kristen Worthington, had us write out 5 sentences. From those 5 sentences, we had to find a better way of sharing each sentence, using vocab, and imagery.

” The cat went up the tree” to instead, ” The ferocious feline with intent of consuming dinner clawed its way up the gut of the oak tree.”

The rest is history:)

But if I were to begin even a chapter, I think I would start off saying:

I know you were expecting some fantastic beginning, a visual where the imagery knocks your mind into a completely alternate universe, but I’m sorry my friend, we are going to keep our feet on the ground where we stand at this present time. I may be spontaneous in my writing, but I am not a space cadet. I want you to visualize in your own way, that relates to your own heart from the corners of my own. I want the words to come alive and dance like flowers of a field. I want the echo of the message it holds to start from inside your mind and travel down the bloodstream. These words may be my own, but they are not my own. You wrote them too. From a distance you and I coorelated and analyzed to what is on paper in front of you in which is read now. Every thought, every point of logical, and illogical…every emotion, every memory…even if they are not the same, they have attributes of another. You have a past, I have a past, and we both have a future, even if it only is to last another 30 seconds. Its there for the taking.
Take my hand now my friend, we will read our story together.-A. Sarich

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