Live on
( Inspired to write while listening to Blessid Union Of Souls)

Dance in the gentle wind
Learn to fly again
Never cease to believe all that could be.

You are sure of yourself
In a world of uncertainty
And that’s all you need to survive
For strength comes from peace of mind.

Allow the sand to brush over your face
As if you were standing in a whirlwind
of a timeless hourglass.

Faith lives within you
And will outlast all possibilities
that you are at a complete stand still.

Hope is found
in the same place as doubt
they both stir within your mind
But only one leads to an answer.

Concentrate on what you don’t know
and you will gain wisdom
that you couldn’t begin to imagine.

Live on.
Live loud.
And get everything you can
out of this life!

Copyright 2004 Angela Marisa Sarich

One thought on “LSOF POETRY: Live On

  1. I’m thinkin’ that’s very eloquent. I particularly like the part about the hour glass. While so many try to fight it, we can remember we have all eternity with God. Like rain, while others try to dodge it, we can just let it come.

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